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Self StudyWelcome to Soul University’s Self Study Program
What’s life like for you these days?

  1. Packed calendar? (No extra time.)
  2. Broke? (Barely pay the bills and eat too.)
  3. Both?

Our Self Study program offers two options to fit all the above:

1. One Gift.

2. $9.00 for ONE month’s access to our online Forums (study with other students). 30¢ a day, you’re worth it! Click to register and start today.

To start, click on the Class Series menu (at the top of every page) or a word under the Quick Search list located in the right-hand column on most every page.

  1. Find a series or some classes that sounds interesting.
  2. Try classes at your own pace.
  3. To study with other students, use the Register buttons (above or below). After listening to this class, registered students enjoy full access to online Forums (our virtual classroom space available 24 x 7 x 365).


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habitsRegistered Self Study Program Requirements
I agree to the following requirements.
1. I will be an ACTIVE member in our online Forums.
2. I have read and agree to Soul University’s Terms of Service.
3. I agree to upgrade my membership level to Undergraduate or Masters level to access any live events listed in the Class Calendar.
Kindly note Soul University’s refund policy: no refunds. No exceptions.
To enjoy the benefits of a registered Self Study member . . .

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