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Soul here. As the Founder of Soul University (SU), I bow in gratitude for your visit. On May 5th, 2013 we open our virtual doors to support our mission to be of service. Our service?  To teach you how to explore (then experience) answers to these to timeless questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?

First we’ll start with a snapshot of who we are and what we offer…


  • Series: 12 unique on-demand courses packed with a minimum of 20 topics to dive deep into learning about yourself.
  • Classes: 300+ Most classes include a short presentation – 15 – 20 minutes.  Then it’s all up to you on how much time you take to explore the questions and concepts provided in each presentation.
  • For LIVE classes our conference call lines handle 1000 seats (audio / video connections) per class.
  • To get the most out of each class we break large classes into small group discussions (6-8 per group).
  • No matter what time-zone you’re in, SU provides ongoing secure study-group online tools to support your learning, laughing, knowing and growing.

How do I get started?

First think about what you want.  What do you want more (or less) of in life?

  • More joy?
  • Less stress?
  • More quality friendships?
  • Less doubt, guilt, shame or worry?
  • Better physical health?
  • More mental peace.
  • A hand to hold while expanding your spiritual consciousness?

What do you want more (or less) of in life – Absolutely RIGHT NOW!  Not tomorrow, next week, month or year.

Next get real with yourself. Explore common excuses such as:

  • I’m too busy! (Really?  Too busy to help yourself?  Yes? Then it’s time for me time – now!)
  • I’m broke!  I can’t afford another expense right now.  (Really?  Time to prioritize expenses.  Who or what’s more important than YOU!)
  • I’m too [insert favorite fall-back excuse such as young, old, stupid, dense, afraid] here.
  • I can’t risk making any changes right now, I just [moved, started / ended a relationship, job].
  • I haven’t a clue who I am or what I want! (This excuse is actually a good one!  Best to start fresh with exploring who you really are and what you really want.)

Face facts (versus myths).

Fact 1:  change is constant. 

Fact 2: growth happens.  What kind of growth do you seek?  Positive, healthy, sustainable growth?  Or, negative growth (much like a virus or cancer)? All SU classes are designed to increase positive growth while at the same time reduce (and dissolve) negative habits that prevent positive growth.

Before you register for a class, go explore . . .

Next step?  Click this link to register . . .

To learn more about SU . . .

Visit our FAQ and our Philosophy pages for more frank questions and simple answers.  We look forward to being of service!

Aloha and enjoy!

Soul Dancer,

Founder: Soul University

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  1. Profile photo of Laurie Kelley says:

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn and share. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

  2. Profile photo of Jodel Mintel says:

    Thank you Soul for everything you dream and for this amazing opportunity to co-create a better world!

    • Jodel – Mahalo! We’re all in this together!! One for all and all for one 😉 Co-creating is a blast when everyone releases the children of fear such as doubt, guilt, shame and worry! Yes?

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