Pay Me What I’m Worth End of Summer – Going Back to College Sale & Game (Contest)

A update to Pay Me What I’m Worth (PMWIW) is due out soon! Our second edition (V2.0)  includes a decade of learning from V1.0.

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While we finish the edits on 2.0 we’ve cooked up a unique end of Summer back-to-college-sale / game / combo platter! Our sale and game is all about:

  • practicing what we preach!  We preach teamwork.  Get ready to practice teamwork!
  • finding homes for the remaining 144 printed copies of V1.0 in stock (about 38 signed copies).

LOL!  All Soul University (SU) Alumni and active classmates know SU rarely – if EVER – offers  standard stuff!

A Sale + A Game = Teamwork Practice!

Huh! What? Why?

The results of the past decade (thousands of feedback forms) has taught us two important facts about Pay Me What I’m Worth.  These facts inspired us to mix a sale with a game that’ll put teamwork into play!


Fact 1:  it takes a team to get the most out of our 12 month program.  Much like the support of a workout partner (aka worthout partners), readers who join a study group team enjoy both support and perspectives that’ll often rock their worlds!


Fact 2:  No other program offers / combines these tools:

  • a secure (SSL protected) online virtual classroom space to learn and grow any time.
  • high-definition conference call lines to capture classroom magic.
  • professional audio editors to fine-tune classroom content into focused, concise lessons to FREELY share on  . . .
  • . . . five on-demand audio-streaming services (to include iTunes).

SU does all this recording and editing work for you!  Why?

Why do you share a selection of vacation pics with family and friends.

Why do you share only the best pics?  You want to share the fun you had!  Right?

SU’s extra effort offers you a way to help your family and friends keep up to speed with all the growth you experience in class!

  • an affiliate program / business model that pays you to learn (yes, we pay people to be students).

to plumb the depth and breadth of personal, emotional, social, professional and spiritual development.  No other program we’re aware of mixes all these tools together to dive as deep as we do for $4.00 a day!  No one!  What price do you pay right now for doubt?  Guilt?  Shame? Worry?  (Hint – we actively dissolve these four unhealthy habits in class!)

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