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Aloha and welcome to Soul University!

We originally opened our virtual campus in 2012 with 339 unique classes bundled in 11 focused courses. After 700K students we’re evolving from offering strictly traditional classes (same people, day, time) to a mix of both traditional and à la carte learning experiences.

As we migrate another 220 unique classes over to our à la carte menu we’re delighted to re-launch Soul University (SU) with over 100 classes ready for you to pick, pay, download and enjoy!

Bookmark this site! Check back every now and then to see what new courses await you.

Questions? Comments? Call us at 312-268-0000 or click to email us! We’ll be in touch ASAP!

On behalf of SU’s team (staff and interns) I bow in gratitude for your interest, support and passion to learn and grow.

Soul Dancer
Soul University

Our NEWEST Course!

Coming March 2018!

Based on a successful DECADE of feedback from over 250K readers, retreat / workshop / seminar / webinar / class participants we’re delighted to release this workbook!  The unique exercises woven into 12 chapters mirror the exercises currently published in Pay Me What I’m Worth.

Our publishers released Learn To Receive February 14, 2018.

We’ll start classes March 2018. Be some of the first people to register for our weekly study group to save BIG TIME!  Click here for details.

Can’t wait for classes to start?  Stop by Pay Radio (talk-radio worth listening to)!  Listen / download actual classes to discover what await you in class!  Stream audios with iTunesStitcher or Overcast.