SU 11/17/18 Saturday Class Links & Attendance Policy

Aloha SU Saturday Team!

Alex here.  I’m one of Soul University’s (SU) admins.  After each SU class it’s my responsibility to provide access to recordings to appropriate class members. I know Soul told you I’d email you within 48 hours of class time with a link to download your latest class.  SU’s Board meets on Monday’s.  I needed to clear the following details with the Board before sharing this information with you.

First – thank you for taking the time necessary to read all the following information.

Based on:

  • Saturday, November 17th low class attendance
  • the discussion concerning low attendance and subsequent agreements captured in the recording noted below (starting at time mark 1:10)
  • as well as the fact this class is offered at $3.82 per class ($199.00 / 52 = $3.82) – or less based on our Honolulu Pride $199.00 special (that allowed $199.00 registrants to share their registration cost with up to 9 other people)

kindly note these updates in SU’s terms to provide a weekly Saturday 90 minute class:

  • Starting Saturday, November 24th 2018 when all registered members are in attendance no later than 10 minutes post class start time, Soul will host a class.  Missing registered members (regardless of circumstances) triggers two remedies:
    1. Soul acknowledges low attendance as the reason for asking an active participant to volunteer to host that day’s class,
    2. active participants decide if they wish to continue class on another conference service (without Soul).  Whoever volunteers to host the call will provide free call access information to those who’ve dialed into class.

There’s NO need to inform Soul if you’re unable to attend class in advance.  Either you’re in class on time or your not.  Keep it simple – right?

The reason for this policy?  Simple.  Strengthen discipline and accountability skills.  We understand Saturday is a busy day.  We understand the holidays are now in full swing.  We understand illnesses, accidents, storms (et. al.) are part of life.  We also know (based on our records) that students who pay $1200.00 per 60 minutes of class time are NEVER EVER late or missing.  Treat this class as if you pay $1200.00 – every week.  Soul teaches every class the same way – regardless of what you pay.

  • Soul University offered this class based on projections of attracting at least 10 paid participants at the $199.00 (one-time) rate in honor of Honlulu’s Pride week.  SU failed to accomplish this task.  To continue Saturday classes with Soul – we need your help to inspire more people to attend class.  Goal:  minimum of 40 paid participants per class – every class – starting March 1, 2019 ending November 2, 2019.    Less than 40 paid participants per classstarting March 2019 results with SU opting for ONE the following remedies:

1. One 90 minute UN-RECORDED class per month through November 2019 (regardless of class size).

2. Existing registered participants agree to update SU’s agreement to change from a one-time free arrangement to an ongoing subscription agreement to cover the minimum $1000.00 per weekly class cost to SU to provide this class.

3. SU issuing full refunds to those who paid $199.00 on or before October 20th, 2018 thus terminating Saturday classes.

A paid participant is defined as:

  1. a person who’s paid a one-time class audit fee of $25.00 – available for purchase here:
  2. a person who’s subscribed to attend Saturday classes – subscription available here:
  3. a person enrolled through Honolulu Pride’s special offer.*

*If you purchased our $199.00 one-time package via Honolulu Pride program – watch for a private email containing additional information regarding your personal arrangements with Soul.

I recognize these terms sound strict.  I document these terms to break Soul’s habit of giving away the store.  Soul’s habit may seem laudable for a monk on a mission to be of service.  Soul’s habits directly impact our ability to raise the funds necessary to launch CareGiver LifeLine.  Soul hired me to help him successfully raise these funds.  I accepted Soul’s offer based on his talents and his visions.

You know Soul’s abilities.  Time for us all to methodically, aggressively team together to help raise these funds as another form of payment for Soul’s generosity.

On Saturday, November 24th’s class Soul will ask if you read this information.  He’s scheduled 10 minutes at the top of class time to discuss these new Saturday class policies.  Kindly remember to dial in on time knowing the conference call line opens 15 minutes early.  When all four registered participants dial in early – there’s the potential to re-purpose the opening scheduled 10 minutes of class time to discuss this information back to actual class time.

Below is a link for you to download your Saturday, November 17th, 2018 class.  Soul University provides access to the following content for your personal use only.  Sharing any part of this content in any form (audio, video, text, electronic or print) is strictly prohibited. Contact Soul University at office@souluniversity.orgto request written permission to share this content.

Click this link to download a copy of your class.

Feel free to practice gratitude (tip Soul) – any time – via this link.

Kindly help us grow this class. Personally invite those you want to build solid, quality relationships to join you in class.  Share the link below to RSVP for any Saturday class.

Thank you once again for all the time you’ve taken to digest this information. On behalf of SU’s team, we wish you and yours a delicious, delightful Thanksgiving and upcoming holiday season.

Soul University USA Office