We’re RADICALLY different here.

We’re a game changer.  At Soul University (SU) 12 total strangers evolve into extended family members one ah-ha, class, and year at a time.  How?  We co-create teams based on vetted, vested members ready to fully engage what we offer.  With team support you begin your journey to explore answers to two ancient questions.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I here?

On this journey you’ll learn, laugh, cry as well as grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.  Did you catch the wealthy part.  Yes!  SU designed a time-tested program merging two billion dollar industries into ONE amazing ongoing program.

How did this program come about?

Soul Dancer (SU Founder) is raising $15.5M to launch a company to care for caregivers.  While he raises funds for his company – he’s found a way to simultaneously  raise funds – for YOU.  100% of SU net-profits go to fund the launch CareGiver LifeLine – a company to care for caregivers. 

Soul seeks to create a stable income – for you –  just by taking classes.   While you deep-dive into SU classes, (education is one billion dollar industry) behind the scenes SU staff works to build – for you – a profit making company using the power of another billion dollar industry – the network marketing industryWild right!


Skeptics – heads up!  Be more skeptical of your ability to successfully clear the requirements to make it into our program.  SU declines eight out of ten applicants.  Just because you might afford our tuition payments does NOT guarantee you’ll qualify for this program.

Why do we decline so many applicants?  SU approves or declines access to programs based on how other active members RATE YOUR PERFORMANCE in their class(es) during your first 90 days (trial / probation period).

History has show us that within the first 90 days of taking classes –  those who lack a gut-level craving to genuinely learn who they are (thus their purpose in life) will drop out of class.

  • We’re not surprised at high drop-out levels.
  • Learning who we are and why we’re here is one of the most challenging tasks we face! 
  • Most souls simply work to survive (work a J.O.B. for 40 – or more years).
  • Few souls do the incredibly necessary (challenging) work to wake-up to their full potential – to THRIVE!  
  • Dropouts will avoid hearing “Based on peer review(s) we must decline your program application.”

Which way of living sounds more appealing to you?

A) Just surviving (what most people you know – do).

B) THRIVING (what FEW people – who you MAY know – do)!


After your initial 90 days – IF you qualify to join Soul University – you (along with your team of 11 other people) will continue a journey together. Based on a decade of documented results (available here and here) we know you and your team will experience significant growth on six levels:

  1. Personal
  2. Social
  3. Emotional
  4. Professional
  5. Financial
  6. Spiritual

Growth on six levels is worth SU’s monthly tuition payments alone. 

Paying tuition and showing up for class is half the story at SU.  The other half is what makes us a game changer!

What’s the second half of SU’s story? What’s the game changer?

  • SU offers no degrees or diplomas.  Discovering (then experiencing answers to those two ancient questions) replaces exams, papers, diplomas and degrees.
  • Our successful programs are based on real-time first-hand experience.
  • SU students incur no debt.
    • Is our $225.00 a month tuition fee too expensive?
    • Need a scholarship?
    • Call us to explore a scholarship application at 312-268-0000.
  • Behind the scenes while you take classes –  using a portion of your tuition payments – SU builds you a strong, resilient, stable personal income stream.  That’s the game-changer!
    • We build you a successful network marketing business while you remain solely focused on exploring answers to those pesky questions.
      • Who am I?
      • Why am I here.
    • You never – ever – need to talk about your network marketing company to anyone for any reason.  You don’t need to.  Why? We do your business building – FOR YOU! You stay focused on learning about who you are and why you’re here.

How do I get started?

First click to review our course catalog.  When a class sounds interesting – you MIGHT be able to take that class.  First decide if you’re ready to experience our game-changing tuition payment process.

Click to review how to apply for class / pay your tuition. Before you pay anything we’ll make sure you know what you’re in for!

SU is radically different in what they do with your tuition payments!

  • 100% of SU net-profits go to fund start-up companies focused on helping people. At the moment all SU profits are ear-marked to launch CareGiver LifeLine – a company to care for caregivers. 
  • AT THE SAME TIME – SU pays staff to methodically build a stable income for YOU – TOO!  Yes, we do the leg-work to create a profitable company – for you – while you take classes.
  • Stable people focused on long-term success build stable long-term success for all involved.

Can you name one other program like this one?

We’ve worked hard to test each SU program.  Do your homework to decide how to proceed (if at all) with SU programs.

  • Listen to actual classes filled with real students experiencing real time results – here and here.
  • Review the feedback from all sorts of people by clicking on the images in the slider at the bottom of this page.

Our results mean squat if you lack the drive or desire to learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

Additional tips to qualify yourself – to yourself!

  • Review our course catalog.  What sounds interesting?  Join us in class to experience YOUR OWN GROWTH!
  • Your first 90 days in SU determines your application outcome. Work hard.  Pay your tuition on time.  Become a valued team player – you’re in. During your first 90 days you’ll rate other team members. Other team members (also on probation) will rate you – too!
  • Slack off (show up late – or unprepared – for class)?   Dilly-dally with your tuition payments?  Purposefully create drama and chaos for team members to deal with?  Nope.  Done. Come back after you sort things out.
  • Try to game-the-system (as in join us only to make money)? Highly unlikely. Can you fool hundreds of other class members over a period of 90 days? Remember – every other class member will be asked to rate YOU and YOUR performance in class.  Your class success or failure is 100% your responsibility not ours!

IF approved to take part of SU’s game-changing program – plan to be with us for a years to come.  Building solid, strong, healthy relationships are the keys to building you a solid, stable, ongoing income stream.

To learn more about SU . . .

Visit our FAQ and our Philosophy pages for more frank questions and simple answers.  We look forward to being of service!

Aloha and enjoy!

Soul Dancer,

Founder: Soul University

7 Thoughts to “About”

  1. I am so grateful to Marsha Sortino for introducing me to SU and the Pay Me What I’m Worth course. That one-year journey of exploring “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” has helped me grow more in 18 months than any other course I have taken over 20+ years as a student of Personal Growth and Development. The secret? The secret to my growth has been deeply exploring all aspects of my life, but doing so while consciously letting go of doubt, guilt, shame and worry. Unlocking the fear based emotions changes the way I now see my past, present and future. It now looks a whole lot like being present and allowing, rather than hiding away peaces of my past for fear that you might not like me. Come learn with me and everyone in the SU family. We enthusiastically welcome you.

    1. Aloha David! WOW! The fact that you willingly chose to shift from a mentality of “been there, done it, know it all” to a reality that there’s always more to explore, learn and grow – blows me away! You passion to serve genuinely, gracefully, peacefully reminds me of the truth in Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom . . . “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” In gratitude I bow to you for being a powerful change agent!

    2. coolmarsh

      Aloha David! Thank you!! I have enjoyed my journey with you and seeing your exponential growth! It’s been amazing to see your transformation! I also feel the same as you and hold this view that this Pay Me What I Am Worth journey has helped me to grow in ways I would never have imagined over other courses of personal development I have taken throughout the years!! I’m learning everyday and you’ve also helped me to see myself!! I am forever grateful and am happy your came on board for this awesome journey!! Mahalo nui loa!

  2. Jodel Mintel

    Thank you Soul for everything you dream and for this amazing opportunity to co-create a better world!

    1. Jodel – Mahalo! We’re all in this together!! One for all and all for one 😉 Co-creating is a blast when everyone releases the children of fear such as doubt, guilt, shame and worry! Yes?

  3. Laurie Kelley

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to learn and share. I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

    1. Aloha Laurie! My pleasure . . . we’re in for a GREAT time!

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