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Our virtual campus opened in 2013 with 339 unique classes bundled in 11 focused courses.  We know traditional classes (same people, same day, same time) combined with experienced teachers is a globally recognized standard to learn and grow.   Also true – traditional classes lack the convenience of on-demand learning needs.

Good news!  SU now offers  a mix of both traditional and à la carte learning experiences. As we migrate our traditional classes over to our à la carte menu – dive in NOW –  if you wish!  Explore over 100 classes ready for you to pick, pay, download and enjoy. Join us any time you’re ready to learn, laugh and grow more healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Call us at 312-268-0000 any time! We enjoy answering your questions first hand! If you land in voice-mail kindly share the best time to return your call (to include your time zone). We enjoy emails too.

On behalf of SU’s team (staff and interns) I bow in gratitude for your interest, support and passion to learn and grow.

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