Allowing AbundanceHow do we allow more abundance in daily life?

  • Try on some gratitude.
  • Explore life themes.
  • Release judgments.
  • Practice many kinds of kindness.
  • Upgrade our observation skills through heightened awareness using our senses.

The intention for this series is two fold:

  1. Part one of each topic features ways to receive more with ease and grace – daily.
  2. Part two of each topic invites you to capture what you learned from your day.

As we hone our ability to expand our sense of abundance and gratitude we experience a release of the need to judge. Less judgment automatically inspires us to give and receive more kindness with ease and grace. As we come to discover more kindness, it’s amazing how our observation skills expand as we more fully engage ALL our senses (taste, touch, sound, sight, smell and intuition).

Audit classes.

Audit (experience) these six classes for free! (No email address / registration requested.)

Preparation SeriesAbundance (a.m.); Judgement (p.m.)

Kindness SeriesOverview (a.m.); Emotional (p.m.)

Observation SeriesOverview (a.m.); Smell (p.m.)

Program Instructions:

1. Bookmark or favorite this page (make it easy to return to this page).

2. Listen to part:

  • one in the morning (click the A.M. link).
  • two in the evening (click the P.M. link).

Members only links

Preparation Series

  1. Abundance: A.M.P.M.
  2. Gratitude: A.M. • P.M.
  3. Explore: A.M.P.M.
  4. Themes: A.M.  • P.M.
  5. Judgment: A.M.P.M.

Kindness Series

  1. Overview: A.MP.M.
  2. Physical: A.M.P.M.
  3. Emotional: A.M.P.M.
  4. Spiritual: A.M.P.M.

Observation Series

  1. Overview: A.M.P.M.
  2. Release: A.M.P.M.
  3. Touch: A.M. • P.M.
  4. Taste: A.M.P.M.
  5. Sound: A.M.P.M.
  6. Smell: A.M.P.M.