HACKERSPACERS Learn to Receive

Aloha and Welcome!

Soul here – Soul University (SU) Founder, 

I’m delighted and excited to connect with you as well as collaborate with Mitch Altman co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco, and President and CEO of Cornfield Electronics. We’re preparing a unique adventure for hackerspacers!   Our journey is geared to gain and maintain your unique sense of a healthy balance between giving and receiving. We call our event: HACKERSPACERS LEARN TO RECEIVE.  Is this ride (taken by 250K+ so far) right for you?  Let’s find out…

We know you’re busy. We all are. We make time for (and spend money on) what’s important – right? So please take a minute to answer the following three questions to see if it’s cool for you to spend your time to explore what Mitch and I have in store for you.  

We’ll start each question with – “Are you in a place in your life where you want to explore and improve your ability to . . .

  1. . . . find (and maintain) a healthy sense of balance – to enjoy good health on all levels (body, mind and spirit)? 
  2. . . . learn (and use) skills to dissolve unhealthy habits including doubt, guilt, shame, worry?
  3. . . . discover (and live to) your fullest potential?

To honor your time as well as keep it real . . .

Do you sense a “No” to any of the above three questions?  GREAT!  It only took one minute to learn what we have to offer you (though cool for others) isn’t right for you – just now.  

* Keeping things real is a hallmark of SU classes!

Feel free to return to this page when you feel you want to . . .

A. . . . upgrade your capacity to feel more balanced.

B. . . . douse doubt, guilt, shame, worry.

C. . . . rope then ride your potential to your fullest!


Next? We suggest . . .

  1. Take days (yes – days) to explore the resources below.  (Bookmark / favorite this page.)
  2. Think of this page as a delicious, hearty buffet.  Pace yourself.  Stop when full.  Return for more when ready. (There’s NO rush.)
  3. Take notes.  Capture thoughts and feelings as you digest what you watch and read.
  4. Review your notes carefully.  Trust your intuition.  Register when it feels right to join us in class.

First step?  Watch / listen to meet Soul while he interviews Mitch…

Now it’s Mitch’s turn to interview Soul. . .

It comprises 52 weekly one-hour sessions.  Class size(s) range from 10 to no more than 20.  Why 10 – 20 people per class?  You get to know each other better with smaller teams.  The more YOU talk (versus sit and listen to facilitators) the more we all learn and grow.

In our HACKERSPACERS LEARN TO RECEIVE program we collectively work through 10 chapters containing 33 unique exercises in Soul’s book, Learn to Receive


Learn to Receive Program Guide

Ready for the nitty-gritty – details?

Download / review this file to discover both the depth and breadth of the journey we have in store for you.


WOW! Still with us? Mahalo nui loa (Hawai’ian for thank-you very much) for all your time, attention and interest!

 Click to review registration options.

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