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Theme:  Traditions Old & New

Key Points:

  1. Difference between tradition and ritual.
  2. Creating new traditions.
  3. Dissolving old traditions.

Call To Action / Class Discussion:

  • How to create a ritual to review your traditions.
  • How to allow flexibility to keep the best and dissolve old traditions– now and all year long.

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Opening music: Wish Background; closing music: Bright Wish by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

2 Thoughts to “Holiday Blues Buster Series Week 2: Traditions Old & New”

  1. coolmarsh

    I have moved so many times that I noticed now how many of my own rituals changed and it was like breathing. Wherever I lived I adjusted to the different rituals and did not even think twice about it. I feel good that it is not an attachment I have with rituals. The rituals that are most important to me are the rituals of private time with me and for me. I appreciate that I am giving myself more time for the things I enjoy in life now, such as meditation and reading.

    As for traditions, now the only tradition I have right now is celebrating the holidays with my mom and brother by relaxing or doing whatever I want to do. I think the only tradition I am holding onto right now is going to church. I go because I enjoy the mass ritual and it is also the only time I see people I know in Boston now, so I do not become a hermit in the community. 🙂

    1. LOL I so empathize with you Marhsa! The nomadic life I live has both perks and penalties – especially during significant days such as the holidays. The perks? Very little (if any) drama. Family / office politics – zero. The penalties? Penalties of hurt feelings come when I politely decline an invitation when folks finds out I’ll be alone especially for the holiday(s). After four decades of holiday lessons (navigating decades of family dogma and dramas I witness after accepting an invite from a gracious host) I prefer a quiet day – any day.

      Now about that hermit issue. Frankly – as I age I find myself knitting a small group of dedicated souls together – all with a passion to learn and grow – daily. My tradition of public teaching is evolving into what I witness with my most cherished teachers. In a few years I’ll dedicate most my time to a growing family of souls who’ll engage the art of awakening more seriously than folks who squeeze a class or workshop in from time to time. (Now you know WHY I’m focused on certifying over 10,000 instructors as soon as possible!) 😉

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