One Thought to “Observation / Touch II”

  1. Liz Koffron-Eisen

    Tonight’s guided meditation on the “Observation/awareness of Touch” reminded me once again how “touch-less” our society has become… school teachers afraid of appropriately touching their students; widows and widowers who long to be hugged or held; who miss the tenderness of a simple kiss. I forget how many hugs per day are necessary to remain psychically healthy . . . but I know it’s more than I typically get or give! Hey, another awareness!

    Whenever I suspect someone might appreciate a physical hug, I will approach them and ask (sincerely) “May I have a hug?” I have yet to be refused or given a perfunctory hug. “Consider yourself (appropriately) hugged” is how I might end an e-mail to someone I would have hugged, had I been physically present.

    To “touch” someone may simply involve non-judgmental, focused listening to them – a gift that is truly “priceless”, and ever so rare in our fast-paced, twittering world.

    Even the Universe can “touch” us. After learning how to sense and work with energy, walking about on one bright, sunny day, I had the overwhelming sensation of “energy” swirling around and through me – coming from every direction and everything; unmistakable, invigorating, renewing energy. Wow! Much better than coffee, any day!

    Souldancer, thanks for “touching” the lives of many who are (as we Episcopalians say): “Seen and unseen; known and unknown.”


    P.S. Consider yourself “appropriately” hugged! :-*

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