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Based on what you learned in our first class, what changes (if any) happened in how you live life?

  • Are you more comfortable with the differences between ethics and morals?
  • Do you feel more at ease with the reality that you’re a network marketer every time you tell someone about a product, service, event, location or person?

In this episode, get ready to explore ways to implement solid ethical training programs into your business building process. First, we look at network marketing training themes such as:

  1. tapping warm markets – do family and friends run away from you due to ethics?
  2. providing free training – will team members value free training as much as paid training?
  3. 24x7x365 cheerleaders – are you ready to be ‘on’ all the time?

The assignment we share at the end of the show challenges you to reflect on how you’re doing with aligning your words with your deeds.

Join us in our Friday conference-call classes to explore, more the information in this class as well as add other ethical networkers to your address book!

As we begin, do you have something to take notes with? Which do you like more? Writing or typing? Depending on your answer, time to nab a pad of paper and a pen, or open-up a new file to capture your keystrokes.

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Show guests / resources:

Host:  Soul Dancer ~ Founder: Soul University ~ Author:  Pay Me What I’m Worth

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