Relationship Treat

A Relationship Treat!

We begin with a trick question! How might you treat yourself to healthy relationships?

Do you ever take notice of all the types of relationships swirling around us every minute of every day. Our relationships with people, pets or passions also relate to rules (laws, morals, ethics), money, power, property or time to name a few. These relationships play KEY roles regarding our personal worth in many ways. More specifically (and importantly) you experience one relationship every minute of every day. How’s that old saying go? “No matter where you go – there you are!” Based on this unavoidable relationship, how is your relationship with yourself? Good? Bad? Down-right scary?

What makes relationships a bit scary? Might it be the dreaded Expectations Monster? This monster is so scary because it’s a master of disguises! Good news! You might know these disguises already!

  • There’s the “Comparison Kid.” This kid always compares and contrasts just about anything they have (don’t have or will have) with what others have, (don’t have or will have). This constant comparing gives birth to countless expectations. Expectations formed by constant comparing sucks the life force out of just about anything! Yikes!
  • Next in line, you may know the Entitled Empress or Emperor (aka EE’s). These EE’s appear to claim they deserve only the best no matter the cost to themselves or others. Expectations formed by any sense of entitlement burns most relationships. Eek!
  • Finally, you may know the Assumes. This lethal family enjoys many faces so watch out for them! These faces creep into life ever so quietly. You see the Assumes daily – they’re everywhere! For example, who’s behind the wheel of the car running a red light? It’s one of the Assumes! These folks assume you’ll be more careful than they are! Expectations formed by assumptions based on past expectations will cannibalize relationships – every time. Ouch! (Oh! Yes! You’ll find the Assumes often mixed with those For-Granted folks What out for them too!)

To protect yourself from any frightening encounter with an Expectation Monster, give yourself a daily treat of clarity. Clarity has no calories. Enjoy clarity as often as you wish with no adverse side effects. Enjoy this treat on a daily basis. Discover the many benefits of enjoying clarity by understanding what your personal worth is on many fronts. Don’t allow the Expectations Monster ravage your personal worth by comparing yourself to anyone for any reason. If you ever feel entitled in any form or fashion, be aware such feelings tend to burn everything in sight. Last but certainly NOT least, watch out for assumptions concerning your personal worth. Such assumptions feed all kind of expectations. Remember! Be aware of the Expectations monster – always!

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