A mind treat: explore more. A mind trick: analyze and debate less.

Discover the best kept secret in the world! Learn how this mind trick makes the difference between living a life of abundance or lack.

Halloween night is certainly a night filled with all sorts of mind tricks focused on frightening our senses in some shape of form. True, any day presents ample material to scare us. What we read, see and hear on just about any medium (TV, web, radio, etc) seems to have a steady stream of things we’re supposed to worry about, feel guilty over or some other type life-draining activity.

Try taking a week off of watching, reading or listening to ALL news!

Observe what happens to your stress levels? Do they remain the same (or increase because you need your news fix)? Based on 35+ years of private practice working with severely stressed-out folks, it never fails to amaze me how much people willingly allow oceans of worry and mountains of guilt into their lives based on what they witness in 15 seconds (or less) on some news venue. As clients or students understand and engage one of the most powerful secrets our minds have, we ALL enjoy a much less stressful life!

Ready for our secret?  Ready for a life-time mental trick?

A Mind Trick – Choice!

This trick is a highly guarded secret. A secret most people don’t want you to know. A secret to fundamentally change the way you perceive worth on many, now and possibly forever.


  • You choose what you think about.
  • You choose what you see, watch, touch, taste or smell.
  • You choose how to spend or share your personal worth (resources of any kind).
  • You choose how you make changes in your life.

End of secret.

How much this revealed secret changes your desire to enjoy a healthy happy life depends largely on how much you’re willing to explore versus analyze or debate your ability to make choices. If you’re open to exploring this secret, you’ll enjoy this post. Explorers have more fun than debaters and analyzers, because they’ve come to know it’s NOT the destination that matters, it’s the journey that counts in life.

If you choose to analyze or debate (two powerful mind tricks) how choice plays a role in enjoying life, endless choirs of doubt and debate shall rise up to drown out this secret. That’s how it’s guarded so well If someone (including yourself) keeps you busy doubting or debating what you’re worth, do you think you’ll receive what you’re worth? To quiet the choirs of doubt and debate, kindly and thoughtfully reflect on this question: Who has to live with what you choose? The answer? EVERYONE!

Believe it or not, what you choose (or do not choose) changes every single person, place or thing on this planet. Don’t believe it? Think about how you feel the next time someone fully values you the best they can with what they have.

  • Are you happy when someone pays you what you’re worth?
  • When you’re happy, does your world seem to be a better place?
  • When you’re happy, are you more likely to inspire happiness in others?
  • When times are good, do you tend to feel good and want to share more of what you have?
  • When you’re happy, do you find yourself giving and receiving more easily and gracefully?

Imagine how your happiness changes all sorts of people you may never ever meet. True and lasting change begins with what you feel If you don’t like what you’re hearing, THERE IS GOOD NEWS. You can CHOOSE to change your thoughts. You can choose to change what you believe. You can choose to change how you feel, both about yourself and about others. How you feel changes how you relate to the world.

Just imagine one small raindrop splashing on the surface of a perfectly still, almost mirror-like pond. Take a moment to really fix this image in your mind. See a perfectly still pond receiving one drop of rain at a time.

Imagine all the ripples of each drop. If you’ve never watched how these ripples interact with each other, try it some time It’s simply beautiful. Your happiness is that raindrop. The ripples of that raindrop will eventually spread across the entire pond. While some ripples might seem almost impossible to see, they’re there. When you’re happy, your happiness ripples across the entire planet.

When you’re not happy, then what? All sorts of fears take over Don’t we have enough fear these days? How much of what you choose to live with is based on fear? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear of your past? Fear about the future? Keep up with this series and I’ll do my best to help dissolve fears one day, one step at a time. (Engage me privately to ramp-up this work on a personal level.)

Now, your turn! What’s your tricks to remember to explore more – versus analyze or debate? The more tricks we share, the more we all enjoy ways to end life-consuming mind tricks that enable worry, doubt, guilt and shame! Click into the comment box below and leave us a treat.

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