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2016 Summer Solstice Global Guided Meditation

lf-lava-1Aloha & Happy Summer Solstice!

My path as a shaman in four tribes combined with my journey as a monk in three orders, Solstices and Equinox’s are special days for me. To honor the wisdom of tribal ancestors as well as the unconditional love shared by souls of spiritual paths, tradition holds I offer a ceremony of some kind.

2016 Summer Solstice marks a unique timing such that the first moment of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere occurs at 22:34 UTC! (Click this link to convert UTC time into your time zone.)

From a numerology perspective we witness both:

  1. a sequencing series with
  2. a result (2+2+3+4=11)   11 = a master number.

We’ll combine these two powerful aspects (sequencing and meaning of an 11) in our 47 minute guided mediation.

To access the recording of the guided meditation select an option below that works for you.  Suggested gift amount?  You decide.  The more I receive the more I’m able to give.

Option 1: Online: card payment? Use our secure card processing:


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Option 3:  Paypal

  • Once I receive your gift, watch for an email containing a link to download an .mp3 (audio) file. Feel free to use this download on all your devices.
  • Suggested pre-call (meditation) instructions:
    • plan at least five minutes of quiet time before listening.
    • turn off  (versus silence) all devices that may distract you.
    • get comfortable.

In gratitude I bow to you for joining us on a powerful moment to share acknowledge Gaia‘s shift in seasons!


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