Aloha dear Soul University (SU) Alumni, affiliates, members and teachers!

October 2016 is here!  How’d that happen!  Amazing how time flies by – yes?

Time to share one trick and two treats with you…

The trick?  Turn doubt, guilt, shame and worry into confidence, gratitude, honor and peace.   How?  Allow that which inspires the unhealthy feeling to be a powerful teacher.  A teacher that’ll remind you to explore (versus analyze) what inspired that feeling.

Example:  The next time you allow doubt to worry you wake-up that inner child.  Kids love to explore – right? Allow your explorer to ask what is it that I doubt myself?  Explore the facts!  Is there a sense of lack involved? Lack confidence?  Time?  Money?  Perspective?  Allow your exploration to discover ways to resolve lack.

Need help with finding a powerful teacher?  Stand in front of the next mirror you happen to find and look at yourself.  You found your teacher!

Remember to explore the many series available to you – right here at SU.  (Click on the “Series” menu above to explore more.)  The simple act of exploring is the trick to turn that which blocks our potential into a bottomless well-spring of energy to fully engage our potential.

Next? Two treats! (Click this link to download your treats.)

To honor all your hard work we exercise our gratitude muscles by sharing some yummy treats!

Treat 1: Join us every third Wednesday of the month (starting Wednesday, October 19th) for a global Pay Me What I’m Worth conference call / class.

  • Topics determined by who shows up!
  • Classes aired LIVE (then archived) on Pay Radio (invite your followers to listen in!)

Treat 2:  Prepare to blow-up those Holiday Blues!  Mark your calendars for every Monday evening starting Monday, November 21, 2016 (through Monday, February 13th, 2017)


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