Class Instruction Suggestions

Before class suggestions . . .

To get the most from each class we suggest…

  • turning OFF all devices that may interrupt you. (ALL phones, pages, TV’s, stereo, etc.)
  • adjusting lighting and air quality. (Too bright or dark? To stuffy, warm or cool?)
  • taking care of your comfort. (Bathroom stop? Fan? Blankets? Water?)
  • a pad and pen. Savor at least a half-hour to ponder then capture thoughts on what you read, view or heard.
  • allowing enough time post-class to relax, possibly even nap.


Two after class suggestions . . .

1. Share a review.  (Go to the class page and click on the “Reviews” link in the left-hand column.)





2. Optional:  RSVP for a weekly one-hour highly interactive class with Soul – Soul University Founder.