Ready to surf all your worth?

What are you worth?

Sounds like an easy question right?

Financial experts tell us to add up all our physical assets, subtract our physical liabilities and bingo, we have a worth answer.  That’s one answer.

There’s more to the worth story than what’s reflected on digital waters. Your worth is MORE than what you physically own or owe. Given the times, NOW is THE TIME to understand more fully than ever before how one’s worth is MORE than what you see on paper.

Why is NOW the TIME to be more fully aware of how deep is your personal worth?

New York Times readers learned (in light of our current economy), how some billionaires find themselves in the millionaire status once again.  Millionaires who once enjoyed coastal homes now see more turf than surf! For 85% of our global population who live with modest (to little) financial means, our current economy demands we become more creative and resourceful with every dollar and hour we spend.  What one is worth all depends on what waves you surf as you explore your worth question.

For example, if we surf on money (and money only) when it comes to our worth, what happens when our waves disappear? Given current global economic news, money is disappearing faster than ever before.  These waves of stress are more lethal than ever before. Of course, its a matter of how you define lethal. Life is lethal. How quick death arrives all depends on our health.

For simplicity sake, we all know how ongoing good health depends on an overall:

  • stable immune system.
  • balanced emotional state.
  • supportive spiritual foundation.

Notice the word, overall!  As life flows long, it’s rare we see tidal waves. More often than not, we experience bumpy seas based on how much doubt, guilt, shame and worry we experience concerning money matters.  To many waves of financial stress and:

1) our immune system works double and triple overtime to keep us functioning well enough to survive.

2) our mind (actually – what we call the ego) creates ever increasing elaborate illusions focused on lack (never enough money) to fire up even more stress inspiring us to GET / make MORE money (at what cost?).

3) our spiritual side begins to doubt core concepts such as justice, kindness and equality.

Imagine how being cynical, cruel or selfish ravages your immune system, racks your mind and fractures your spirit. When our concept of worth expands well beyond the dollar wave, we discover an ocean of endless waves (in the form of perspectives) to surf on!

Get out your surf boards!  Surf’s UP!

Your surf board is actually a pad of paper. (For those who like to journal, how about a fresh journal to capture the ah-ha’s created from the upcoming ride.)

Your waves are words. Write one of the following words on the top of a fresh blank page:

  • Age
  • CulturalHeritage
  • Divine Connection
  • Educational Systems
  • Emotional
  • Ethics
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Five Senses
  • Friends
  • Gender
  • Geographical Location
  • Gratitude
  • History
  • Integrity
  • Investments
  • Level of clarity
  • Longevity
  • Love
  • Money
  • Morals
  • Natural Resources
  • Philanthropy
  • Physical Health
  • Power
  • Professional Network
  • Property
  • Reputation
  • Respect
  • Sense of purpose
  • Sense of safety
  • Sense of well being
  • Social Network
  • Spiritual
  • Time
  • Wisdom

Then, as time permits, surf on these words.  Ponder then write your thoughts down on how each word relates to your sense of worth. Over the next few months, work your way through this list.  See what happens!  Before too long, your concept of worth will expand in ways you never imagined! Results?

  • Your body enjoys much less stress related to financial tides.
  • Your mind enjoys a sense of balance even when storms strike.
  • Your spirit turns the question of “what are you worth” into “what is worth – YOU?”

How does this author come to make these statements?

Based on my work over the past three years (since publishing Pay Me What I’m Worth), these words consistently appear from the work folks do in my conference call based study groups, weekend workshop intensives and week long seminars.  As people do their work (based on the exercises in this book) they rapidly discover just how much MORE there is to their life, their concept of worth, than a penny, pound or pesos.

What are you worth is a question in need of some serious tender loving care, especially during times of financial hardship. Kindly quiet your inner critic, judge, worrier, shamer and related sort as you do this work. To help dissolve this chatter, if you don’t have time to read Pay Me What I’m Worth, click over to my worth series.  Listen to a variety of short audio recordings based on the word list above.  (All .mp3 files under seven minutes each.)

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