Doubt, guilt, shame and worry. The perfect storm for poor health!

How many folks do you know are in a debt storm in some form or fashion? 

How’s their health?

These storms don’t go away with the minimum wage (as of July 2009) of $7.25 per hour.  At 40 hours a week, that’s $1160 GROSS per month.  Take out taxes and BINGO, we’re down to less than $600 a month. Could YOU survive a storm (of bad health for example) on $600.00 a month?  For those earning well above minimum wage, it’s a matter of scale or perspective!   I work with clients (who report owning seven-digit bank accounts) who act as if they’re about to live on the streets based on an internal mindset of  what I call the not enough storm.

For example, imagine living day by day, year after year where what money you DO earn goes toward what you consider to be bare bone basic necessities. True, what some consider bare-bones might be absolute luxury for others. (Is it time now to consider living simply so that others may simply live?)

Living life in an ongoing survival mode creates tsunami’s of worry, shame and doubt. As these storm hit, migraines strike like lightening; squalls of depression and cancer carbuncles wreak havoc on ones health.  Results?  Feeling absolutely dead tired all the time. At such a point, wouldn’t anyone wonder, “Is this what life is all about? If so, is it worth it to continue on?  If so, how?  How does one carry on?”

Health:  a word worth paying attention to!

As we all know, good health goes a long way to surviving just about any storm.

What’s your health worth to you?  What do you trade at the cost of your health?

Seriously!  Take a moment to wonder about these questions.  (Allow your perfectionist, critic and judge to take a nap as well.  No room at the inn for these folks when you wonder about this stuff!)

Keep in mind, this thing called health spans many areas.  True, we often associate health with being physically healthy.  When we experience illness, isn’t it amazing how we remember two or three days of absolute YUCK (such as a cold, flu, etc.) and somehow completely forget the reality that out of 365 days, we may enjoy 85% (or more) of those days feeling just fine – all things considered?

How’s your mental health? How much dogma or drama do you eat or create to feed your stress monster?  How my times do you find yourself in the middle of some argument, gossip or office politic session getting all worked up about this or that ultimately ending with feeling used, abused or unvalued!  Mental stress is fertile ground for the seeds of poor physical health. What’s your crops look like?  Are your fields choked with weeds of worry, doubt and shame?  Is there enough sun (clarity of mind), water (flexibility of thought) and air (space to learn) to enjoy a healthy body, mind and spirit?

For some folks, one’s spiritual health is treated like a gym membership.  They MIGHT practice their faith on a weekly basis by attending some sort communal service or private practice.  Like walking a mile on a tread mill or swimming laps, prayers get said almost mindlessly out of rote memorization. To avoid shame, guilt or worry, they religiously attend weekly functions.  If one skips an event, it’s often racked-up to “I had to work!” – right?

Rare is the spiritual devote who actually LIVES what they PRAY about. How so?  How long is your bridge between what you say and what you do?  (We’ll explore integrity in an upcoming post.  Watch for it!) How many times do you say something, and forget to (or, worse yet, never intended to) actually DO what you said you’d do? The most spiritually advanced folks I know enjoy the gift of DOING what they say with no words said.  Actions do indeed speak louder than words.

Your worth in the form of good health on all levels happens when you take actions that support a healthy physical body, emotionally centered mind and spiritually enriched life.

[By the way, these articles strive to support any desire to enjoy good health on all levels!  Send these posts to others. Help yourself and everyone you know experience good health on all levels.]

Ongoing good health requires an excuse-free, positive attitude environment. Excuses, much like sprinkles before the rain of a tsunami builds a nasty flood in short order! How do we hopefully avoid (if necessary – weather) a storm? Pay attention to the following fronts to increase your chances of enjoying good health on all fronts.

Worry front! Imagine me walking up to you and saying,

“Where’s my payment! You owe me money!”

To your knowledge, you don’t owe me anything (except maybe enough attention to finish reading and commenting on this article).  BUT, because you’re really NOT sure that you owe me any money, you pay me anyway just to end the need to worry about something you’re not sure about.  I say thank you, and walk away.

Ten minutes later, I walk up to you and ask you again!

“Where’s my money!”

Once again, you really don’t think you owe me any money, but ONCE AGAIN, to avoid any need to worry, you pay me.  Repeat this cycle as many times as you have a tendency to worry.

Worrying is like paying money to someone you don’t owe anything to! What would inspire you to do such a crazy thing? End worrying by facing facts when facts appear. Period.  Deal with the facts in a ethical way and you’ll dissolve your need to worry – permanently. (We’ll explore ethics in an upcoming post!)

Shame front! Giving or receiving shame in any flavor, size or smell is about as useful as throwing gasoline onto someone who is already on fire. Could you imagine throwing gas on someone who’s already on fire, especially someone you love?  The next time you think or say, “Shame on you!” imagine burning yourself as well as the person you’re shaming.  Shame may burn for a lifetime.  How might you enjoy solid, ongoing health (on any level) when you get burned all the time?  While we do learn from pain, learning can happen more painlessly!  (I speak from first-hand experience on this topic.  This is what I teach others as well!)

Doubt front! When in doubt, sit it out!  Write down your doubts.  Explore them (more than analyze them – two completely different perspectives).  Write down your findings.  Ask people questions.  Confirm the answers based on your gut feelings.  When you clear your mind and listen to your soul, doubt dissolves like rainwater on parched soil.  (Need help with that?  Get some now!)

As the storms of worry, shame and doubt fade we enjoy clear skies on all fronts.  Imagine your health levels with less stress on all fronts. The more healthy you are, the more you can accomplish with less effort.  While it may take some time to attain good health on all levels, remind yourself, you’re worth it!

Should you find yourself needing help with dissolving doubt, guilt or shame – poke around here.  This site offers many donation-based programs to support healthy growth on many levels.

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2 comments on “Doubt, guilt, shame and worry. The perfect storm for poor health!

One time, I sat down and calculated how much money worry has cost me over the years. It came out to over $10,000… and I didn’t even total in the Health Costs! Wow!

No wonder the Preface in Soul Dancer’s Worth Book, “Pay Me What I’m Worth” has the creation of a Doubt, Guilt, Shame and Worry Free Zone as a key ground rule to participation.

I bow in gratitude for my Teacher.


When someone keeps asking me a question over and over, it has me doubt myself sometimes. It makes me wonder why they ask the question of me every week, especially when they see me taking the action, yet still have the need to ask me. Sometimes it feels like they have judged me or are judging me.

I lived with someone many years ago and I witnessed this person always asking questions, the same weekly questions. I know that is the controller within that person asking the questions.


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