Do you have the time?

What time is it?

What value do you place on a person’s patience? If you arrive late and the people you meet up with are not pissed off, do you write it off as a common courtesy? Do you respect their patience by never being late again?

When you’re completely laid-up for whatever reason, and someone does something nice for you (like bring you a meal, movie or time to tidy up a bit), what price do you place on such kindness? Granted, there’s many a service more than happy to bill you for such conveniences. Does it ever cross your mind to honor someone’s worth (when they do something for you) to take the time to at least be grateful?

Time:  a word worth paying attention to!

Odd thing about time. We create the concept of time in many ways (seasons, fashions, traditions of some type). We live by it. We loose it when we’re in love. We often seem to never have enough of it when we’re doing something fun or TOO much of it when we’re bored silly.

Time levels the playing field for us all. No matter who you are, what you have (or don’t have), time ticks the same for all of us. Granted, for those walking an advanced spiritual path, time is eternal. If you’re not on that path, time may be a KEY source of too much life crushing stress. Stress attacks our immune system. Luckily, we enjoy at least two powerful stress-reducing tools we may use any time, any where.

Tool one: perspective. It takes time to build, learn and understand a variety of perspectives. What was once a crisis for you, I bet is no longer a crisis. (Maybe even a source of great humor now! Example, did you almost have a melt down when you lost your favorite toy?) Over time, as you allow a variety of perspectives to factor into your sense of worth (besides money), you begin to release stress (when funds seem low).

Tool two: wisdom. Shall we define wisdom as a combination of information / knowledge PLUS first hand experience? For example, you can read all you want about the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of cooking an egg. Until you cook an egg, you have NO wisdom of cooking an egg. Even if you do cook an egg, you have limited wisdom about egg cooking!

WARNING! History is no indication of one’s wisdom! While I may enjoy a life long first-hand experience in something, my wisdom is limited only by the number of perspectives I enjoy. Example as a man (who’s happy being a man) will I ever enjoy a female perspective from first hand experience? No! Until I ask a variety of women their perspective on something, just how wise can I be? (Gents, you’ll do well to remember that last line!)

As time flies by with an wink of an eye, kindly remember how worth grows when you allow the gift of time to ripen your senses. As you come to know Socrates notable quote, “The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing” time turns eternal. (Did that make any sense? If so, how so! If not, say so! Post your comments in the comment box below. The more you share your wisdom, the more we learn with ease and grace! )

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