Gratitude: a word worth paying attention to

Ten years ago, Charley’s world shattered in one of the most traumatic, dramatic moments of his 43 years of life.  It all happened in about 16 seconds. Those seconds COULD have ended his life. Following a pattern (decades long in the making), he mindlessly drove home in the wee hours of the a.m. after yet another marathon day behind his desk.  He didn’t see the truck coming at all as he sped through a very stale yellow light while trying to make it home by only a few seconds earlier. The only thing he remembers is blacking out to wake up six days later hooked up to a chorus line of gadgets all beeping, blogging and blinking away at him.

Four years of intense, painful physical therapy left him practically homeless and on the edge of an bottomless pit of despair.  His limited medical insurance left him on the brink of bankruptcy. Six months in ICU does that. His family and friends quickly bailed when they faced their facts that they just didn’t have the time Charley required from them. The remaining bills seemed like a perverse – reverse lottery.  Little did he know at the time, he did WIN the lottery.


While laying in bed for what seemed to be three lifetimes, Charley decided to go deep inside himself to explore HOW such an event could happen to him. Along with a couple of professionals, he faced his dark night of the soul.  His journey helped him see how he could shift shattered (now mended) bones, ripped (now repaired) muscles, fried friendships and a glacier of debt into one of the most compelling (best-seller) books you’ve ever read.  Anyone burned out from too many years of being a wage-slave thought Charley had written a book about THEIR LIFE! Bookstores couldn’t keep copies stocked fast enough.

Do you have the strength or skills to turn a catastrophe into a calling?  How do you turn what seems to be abysmal luck into a wellspring of opportunity?

Think gratitude!  Yes.  Gratitude!

Here’s the first of many key words / definitions from what over 250K Pay Me What I’m Worth readers discover as they attempt to define worth.

Now, before you all start yelling (or typing comments into the comment box below), “Ya SURE SOUL!  What a freakin dreamer!  How new-agey can you get here!! Can I give you $10.00 to buy a clue!?”  I kindly ask you to say to yourself, “Shush!  Listen up!”

Gratitude is one of the KEY dozen words / terms I’ve heard people say over the past three years while leading my “What is worth?” evening discussion groups, weekend seminars and blog-talk radio showsGratitude is one of THE MOST POWERFUL feelings we’re blessed to experience.  GRATITUDE dissolves every road block to enjoying what you’re worth – every time!  How? It all depends on how you decide to view / feel about and work with what you’re given, each and every day.

Right now, gratitude (the subject of chapter ten in Pay Me What I’m Worth) seems to be in short supply.  Ironic!  Why?  For many, we’re surrounded with such abundance day in and day out, we take such abundance for granted.  When was the last time you were grateful for TOO much of something?

For example, have you noticed how CRANKY you get when you experience less than optimal health?  Often, by your own hands, you consume too much.  By the time you consume it, it’s too late!  Feeling crappy is all but part of the process the next hour, day, week or life depending on what level of debauchery or lack of attention you decided to inflict upon yourself (and, as a ripple effect – on others).

GRATITUDE for feeling CRAPPY is one of THE MOST powerful ways of avoiding feeling crappy in the future. I know this well.  As a person who retired over 125 pounds, I know all too well what I felt like at almost 350 pounds!  I’m grateful for this experience for it guides me on my path to maintain optimal health with every mouthful, step or thought I take, daily.  The next time I’m tempted to eat a burger and fries, with a smile (generated from a sense of gratitude) I recall how yucky I felt after eating the last burger and fries.  Any desire to feel that bad again inspires me to find something better to eat!

So, the next time something awful happens to you, how will you turn that event into something amazing?  How will you FLIP IT to gratitude?

In other Soul University articles we’ll explore all the other powerful key words related to these events.  These words provide a rock-solid steps to walk into ALL your worth, in many forms.

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