What’s worth to you?  Time?  Money?  Power?  Access?

Betty wouldn’t dream of letting Grandpa Alister spend 16 hours on a plain stuffed in coach class on his way to Australia for the first time.  The joy Betty feels knowing that Alister will receive A-1 attention in seat 1A MORE than makes-up for her skipping a two-week vacation later on this year.

Jesse just couldn’t say no to Martha when she asked him to stay late to finish up a critical report. Sure, he’s already worked 60 hours that week. As a salaried employee, his extra time doesn’t mean an extra dime!  Jesse prays the extra effort will secure a promotion he’s jockeyed over of for years.  What Jesse doesn’t know is how his partner is about to leave him because he’s a work-aholic. Tonight is the straw that’ll break the only long-term relationship he’s ever had.

Carla just ended a call you hope you never get.  The hospital test results came back.  Unless a donor appears soon, she’s got – at best guess – less then six months before she’ll be tied to a dialysis machine on a weekly basis. She ponders, ‘do I spend my inheritance on living life to the fullest with the time I have left, or spend it on in-home nursing services?’

So, what does the term worth mean to you?  If someone from another culture who speaks a completely different language (who’s trying to learn English) asks you, “What does this word   worth – mean?” what would you say? Would it include:

Joy? Money? Health? Love? Power? Property? Reputation? Respect? Time? Wisdom?

HELLO!!!  Yes – YOU! I sincerely want to know your definition of worth!!  (Think:  audience participation time here ehh?)

Click on the comments link below to share your definition for worth.  Why?  Well, all things considered (the economy, your dreams, goals, etc.) its high time our realities get a healthy does of perspective. Over time, we’ll dive deep into this (and other) question(s).   Why bother you wonder?  You tell me?  What type of life do you wish to lead?

Do you enjoy the idea of being a member of the “40-40 Club?”  Huh?  What?  What’s that club?  Simple!  Work 40 hours – or more – for 40 years – or more – and PRAY you have enough to FINALLY enjoy the rest of your life.


How about living each day to it’s fullest, knowing you are indeed paid what you’re worth every minute of every day.  Is that possible?

Stick around. Click back often.  Share this post with your list. Based on my experience as the author of Pay Me What I’m Worth, each week I’ll share yet one more powerful way to be fully valued for all your worth all the time in many ways.   Share this article with others!  Get them involved!


Simple!  Your worth is NOT who you know, or what you know. Your worth is based on BOTH who you know and how well they know you.  This series offers powerful ways to get to know what you’re worth in more ways than a penny, pound or peso.

Time to wrap up!  This is the opening post for a 12 part series on powerful key words related to the word worth.  These key words provide a goldmine of value to discover your goldmine of worth in all forms.

Need more help in discovering your worth on many levels? Expore this site. This site offers many donation-based programs to discover your personal, professional, spiritual, social, political and related worth with simple, easy recordings and exercises.

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One Thought to “What’s worth mean to you?”

  1. cuddlyotter

    I guess my one big definition of worth would include the constant opportunity to give back to the community which includes the people I work with and for. I’ve always found great joy in teaching, sharing and cooperating as part of a team and this is what infuses me with feeling huge amounts of worth.

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