Hello? Grace?

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Hello Grace!?

Have you seen or heard Grace lately?

I like to keep in touch with her on a daily basis.

I sometimes miss a call or two.

Lately, it seems increasingly difficult to connect each and every day. Given my passion for Grace, any missed time together inspires me to double my effort to not miss any more time with her.

You see, our lovely romance started a lifetime ago. I really had no choice but to fall head-over-heals in love with Grace the first time we met. What we shared in the first moment we touched each others lives, ripples forward to this day.

Like sipping from a steamy bowl of savory soup on a chilly night, or a tender kiss when least expected, Grace inspires warmth from the inside out. The joy and love flowing from our life-long love-affair seems to nourish everyone we meet.

For me, to miss Grace is to miss a bountiful, savory ten-course meal. Who wants to miss such a meal? Wasn’t it Rosalind Russell who said, “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death”

Lately though, invitations to Graces’ banquet seems ignored more often that not. It always amazes me how often invitations to share Graces’ gifts go unnoticed or unaccepted. As with most folks, rejection is an unsavory dish. The more rejected invitations I experience, the more I shy away from sharing what Grace so readily offers. Even more disheartening are those times when I share Graces’ bounty with folks who seem to think they’re entitled to such bounty. Each time this happens, I find myself feeling unappreciated and spent like the last two seconds of a fiery sparkler. Just as my sparkle fades into a glowing ember at the end of it’s dazzling display, I quickly begin to cool into a hardened wire.

Much to Grace’s credit, my coolness quickly dissolves as we share time together in some form or fashion.

Lucky for me, Grace appears so often, it’s not long before we share another moment of laughter and delight. Within seconds, such moments rekindles my desire to sparkle Grace’s absolute love from the inside out.

Do you find this true with your connection with Grace?

Do you know Grace as well? Yes? Wonderful!

Do you daily share a lively, inspiring embrace? No? Are you too busy to take time together?

When you spend time together, have you ever watched Grace genuinely smile at someone you don’t know; wordlessly wishing them a lovely day? Isn’t it amazing the shift in energy you sense in that person!

  • Have you opened a door for someone? Offered your seat on a crowded buss or train? Allowed another driver to merge into traffic with a sense of joy today?
  • When as the last time you willingly, generously over tipped someone knowing they deserve more but you’ve done your best with what you have at the moment
  • Do you find yourself quiet when you want to scream, “HA! I told you so!” f Are you MORE ready with a heartfelt thank-you, “I’m Sorry” or hug than cynical criticism or cutting comment?
  • Do you find yourself offering a helping hand more often than handing something to someone else?
  • How often do you kindly, gently accept full responsibility and accountability for ALL you do? Do you more often make others responsible and accountable for your actions or inaction?
  • When was the last time you crafted and sent a hand-written thank you card or note for something you might consider trivial? Imagine the delight one might enjoy when they open their card of thanks for something as simple as a soul-nourishing phone call

With these thoughts in mind, have you seen or heard from our friend Grace lately?

If so, I’d love to learn how Grace inspires you I bet your stories inspire Grace to appear more often and with more zeal than we might hope to imagine.

If you wish, share your story about Grace right here! Or, send this story to others Imagine how each story offers a raindrop of hope in a dessert of despair. May our combined sprinkles inspire Grace to nurture us as we walk our life paths.

And should you miss the chance to dance with Grace today, no worries! With each breath we take, we have a new chance to connect with Grace. A deep breath containing a heartfelt thank you rings Grace’s bell – every time. May our combined connections help us dance with Grace more effortlessly with each passing day


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One comment on “Hello? Grace?


I love Grace also!! She has been a best friend and a wonderful teacher in my life. She’s helped me in such immense ways I could have never imagined!! She has been a pillar of unconditional love in my life when I had moments I did not want to face. She showed me courage and acceptance. She has shown me how to dance with her.

I remember times in my past when Grace would visit me and I was not listening. I was quite the stubborn and arrogant soul back then who wanted her own way in life. When I finally allowed Grace into my life, she overflowed and an immense load was lifted. A peace and calm came over me like I never knew there could be.

Grace is now an ongoing relationship I have and treasure.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Marsha Sortino


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