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Imagine If You Will

Imagine . . . if you will . . .

an image of a potter
as she or he spins a wheel
molding and shaping

a vase perhaps

a vase to fill
with a variety of brilliant
fresh fragrant flowers

as your senses take in
these beautiful flowers
so carefully arranged
in your vase

which flower do you see first

which flower seems to hide

which are brightly colored

which seem to wane
and wither away

as the last flower fades

try to imagine all the people
that have traveled
and out
of your life


you think about
care about
laugh and cry about
loved or not
have played a hand
in the process of shaping
the person you are today


holding the pieces
of a broken heart
then helps you to heal

hands passionately embracing
your body and soul with a
so fiery hot
you feel as if
you could never grow old

sheltering you
from other hands in times of

gently pushing
when you needed to grow

guiding you to others


provides you with
warmth and energy
wonderful thoughts
and emotions
life and love


seems distant
almost forgotten
thinking of yesterday

most importantly


shares your hopes
your presence
your dreams


above all else

allows life
to flower to its fullest

imagine who this is

imagine who you are

imagine if you will

(c) souldancer

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