Q: What is Soul University (SU)?

A: Check out our About page for the basics of what and who we are.

Click on the Catalog link in the menu bar above to explore classes.

Q: Why SU?

A: Check out our Philosophy page for more insights on our why.

Q: How is SU different?

A: To answer this question requires a book of at least a 1000 pages. Short answers include:

  • You determine your pace, guidelines, goals and completion date.
  • You decide when you’re ready to graduate.
  • We offer a business building program unlike no other!  We build a profitable business for you while YOU take classes.

Q: Who accredits SU?

A: You

  • You decide if SU meets your needs (based on first-hand experience).
  • You grade yourself based on real-world results.
  • You earn all the credit for what you learn and teach.

Q: Where is SU?

A: Short answer? Your computer and your phone (phone and video conferences).

Some participants form local study groups in their home or at local public venues to further their learning needs. No matter the space, we help you co-create a lively, safe space to learn, laugh and grow.

Q: How much?

A: Most on-demand classes start at $3.99.  Most live class (conference calls) start at $25.00.

Q: Does SU offer degree programs?

A: How do you define degree program?

Do you seek a diploma (degree) like those issued by accredited colleges or universities? If yes, then SU’s answer is no, we have no degree programs to offer.

Q: Can I transfer credits from SU courses to accredited programs?

A: How do you define credits?

If you seek credits like those issued by accredited colleges or universities on formal transcripts, then the answer is no.

What you learn by experiencing Soul University classes will transfer to all other learning programs, accredited or otherwise.  Example:  when you become more confident based on real-world results, your confidence will influence how you learn in accredited programs.


More Questions? GREAT! Call us at 312-268-0000.

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