Our Why

To set the stage for your journey consider the miracle of seeds. Seeds contain all it needs to sprout and grow, if planted in an environment where it can sprout and grow. Extremes such as too much or too little water, light, temperature or fertilizer stunts or kills the seed.

Too much stress in life caused by doubt, guilt, shame or worry – rots or kills life. True?


Our philosophy is simple. Co-create safe space to inspire more confidence, compassion and positive self worth.

As seeds mature they live longer with care. Savvy, seasoned gardeners, farmers and forestry folks know when to water, weed and prune.

Our staff are savvy seasoned souls who care about your journey.  We treat your journey as sacred. As you tend to your garden (by completing SU classes), our staff will help you discover unique ways to watch for (and then remove) weeds known as doubt, guilt, shame and worry. As you awaken to a more balanced life, you’ll discover more ways to enjoy enduring happiness, health and unconditional love of yourself and others.

As unconditional love blossoms (as well as rooting deep into daily life), you’ll experience more compassionate confidence, unconditional grace and rooted trust in yourself and others.  As you achieve this level of life mastery your SU journey comes to a close.

How would life be different for you with more compassionate confidence?

Between today and the day you decide to participate in Soul University, you decide:

  • which series (and related classes) to take and in what order. Click on the Catalog menu at the top of every page to explore more.
  • how much time to take on each class (remember that old saying, it’s not the destination but the journey that counts).

Your graduation day happens when you realize you actually enjoy:

  • more confidence. Your increased confidence naturally inspires others to respect and honor you, your time and talents.
  • an ever-deepening sense of compassion.  Your growing compassion constantly teaches you to observe more and judge less.
  • increased capacity to receive and give – equally!  This growing capacity to balance giving with receiving allows you to love more unconditionally – daily.
  • a sense of self-worth that remains stable and healthy even in times of drama or trauma.