1. Bookmark or favorite a series home page.
Make it easy to return to the series home page. Series home pages are:

2. To get the most out of each class, kindly consider these suggestions.

  • Relax for a few minutes before listening to a on-demand (also downloadable) lecture. Then…
    • attend to your needs (bathroom break?)
    • get comfortable
    • tea?  water?
  • Be here now.  Reduce temptations to multitask (turn off phones, TV’s, email notifiers, etc.)
  • Invite others (partners, family members,  friends, etc.)  to listen in / join you in this series. Receive the priceless gift of multiple perspectives.  (If partnered, be sure to include them!  Why?  Learning and exploring together fosters more effortless growth.)
  • Have your journal or a pad of paper and pen available to capture:
    • thoughts or questions while listening to class recording
    • your thoughts after pondering the content provided in the lecture.
    • your thoughts after talking about the lecture material with others like your partner, family and friends.

3. Explore the exercises offered in many of the class recordings.  Adapt the exercise to meet your needs.


4. Form a study group with other classmates. 

  • Get your own FREE conference call line – then use it weekly with your study group.
  • Use Google Docs to start interactive / ongoing chats.
  • Use the comment section below each class / lecture to continue learning – any time!

We all have something to teach and learn – right?  Multiple perspectives are priceless and key to a robust learning experience.

5. Remember to have your notes handy when we connect in our live class events.

Remember, what you get out of each class is completely dependent on what you put into each class. We look forward to a lively, rich exchange of ideas, questions and stories with you! 

As always, connect with us directly if you encounter any site issues.  We’ll resolve them ASAP!