Soul Dancer • Hawai'i • Home
Soul Dancer • Hawai’i • Home

Aloha and welcome to Soul University!
Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for your time.

May 2013 we opened this virtual University to support you!

Support me how?

Inspire more confidence, compassion and self worth.

This mission is doable, one day, one step, one ah-ha moment at a time.


Join us to co-create safe spaces to learn, laugh and love more effortlessly.

Time to get started! (Now is the time to reduce the stress created by doubt, guilt, shame and worry – yes!)

Visit our About page to explore the basics.

Visit of FAQ page for some blunt questions and answers.

Check out our Why while your at it as well!

Call us at 312-268-0000 any time! We enjoy answering your questions first hand!

If you land in voice-mail, kindly share the best time to return your call (to include your time zone). We enjoy emails as well (but prefer first-hand talks more).

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