Power Versus Force

On September 11, 2001, the world experienced an event unlike anything in recorded history. On 9/11/01, we witnessed the use of force in such dramatic proportions we continue to feel this force today. Forces such as ever-expanding use of surveillance, drones and barriers to lawful civil disobedience as well as the simple act of voting. Now more than ever before, more are waking up to the unique power we all have no matter age, culture, creed or class.

To honor all lives and dreams lost on ANY day, I humbly ask you to pause first and reflect on these two words.  Power.  Force.

What emotions come to the front for you as you ponder two words often used to mean the same thing.  After pondering (possibly talking about these two words with other people) read on!

Force is different than power.

Force requires ongoing use of resources to make something happen. Often, the use of force requires ever more force to continue to make something happen. History books overflow with examples of times where we applied more force (money, sanctions, weapons, etc.) only to witness the horrific loss of life and liberty. For example, what have we learned from Dachau,  Hiroshima and the Bay of Pigs? 

Force is subject to the Law of Diminishing Returns.


Power requires no force. Power (in the highest form) inspires action. Genuine, ethical, healthy power is what empowers a sense of a balanced, healthy dedication, devotion or passion to be of service; a desire to learn and grow.

Power is what fuels the Law of Attraction.


Let’s get real.  Example! How do you think you’d react when you learn you MUST go on a strict diet to shed weight before you die of a stroke or heart attack? 

Option A:  This external news forces you to deal with making changes. It feels like lifetime sentence to be served with punishments (poor health or death) awaits you.

Option B: You feel excited about making decisions to start becoming more healthy, one day, one step at a time. This decision bubbles up from deep inside you to stimulate the changes you know you need to make – more effortlessly.

Herein lies the key to force versus power. Location of energy.

If something external to you requires you to make something happen there’s a high-likelihood you’ll experience (or use) force. Conversely, if you sense an internal drive to do something, such inspiration naturally empowers you to attract what you need to allow something to happen. This shift from the use of force to awakening your inner personal power is one of many paths to blossom and grow on many levels (personal, professional, social, emotional, financial and spiritual).

Stop for a moment and think about those people in your life who you sense are powerful people in healthy, life-affirming, life-enhancing ways. What traits do these people display on a regular basis? Empathy? Compassion? Wisdom? Inspiring? Joyful? Kindness? A desire to allow you to BE who you are with NO desire to fix you? Add your traits to using the comment box below.

Next, stop for a moment to wonder about those folks who force you to do things. What traits do they exhibit? Common traits include: selfishness, control over access to resources (money, people, etc.), spitefulness, greed, lack of concern for even their own health? Share comments in the comment box below on what other common traits you experience when you sense you’re forced to do something.

Finally, spend some serious quiet time pondering these questions:

  1. “When do I feel powerful?”
  2. “When do I feel forced to do something?”

Summary: Attack = force.  Attract = power.

Which of these two ways of living do you wish to live?

  1. One path limits your worth by the amount of time, energy and related resources you have at hand.
  2. One path naturally GROWS your sense of worth by (almost) effortlessly GIVING you the resources you need, when you need them.

If you need help walking the latter path, consult with a personal or spiritual development professional.

As you come to genuinely KNOW and engage your power, you’ll discover you will NOT force anything on any one, ever. When this day arrives you’ll notice how you may more effortlessly support others in developing their sense of power to it’s fullest!

When you find yourself wanting to move away from using force to developing ethical power – visit Soul University. Take time to fully engage Soul University’s programs to support healthy growth on many levels.

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