2 Thoughts to “Observation I”

  1. Liz Koffron-Eisen


    You are right on in your observations of judging. Freeing oneself of the obligation to make decisions regarding the + or – of any and everything helps to focus one on what is and only what is, without clouding our “judge-mentality”.

    Not to say that we cannot have opinions on things…


  2. BryanMc

    Wow, was I judging things in the past and I now realize that it was skewing what just was. You are completely correct that observation and objective viewing of things is a muscle. Working on it in my daily awareness is a needed must because the muscle will wither away if I don’t do more “reps”.

    I see how this allows me to move through the day with more ease and grace. Judging things and putting label on things only cloud’s what is there so I see how things can come to me more fluently than they have been in the most recent past

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