Words sea . . .

A sea of words in songs and poems

splash waves of feelings upon  our bones.

We learn, laugh, dance and cite

of cultures and creeds, races and rights.

Have we a passion to share safe space

no matter when, no matter place?

To inspire a desire to dance and grow

time now to make ready and to sow

a gentle wisdom woven with grace

with others who face fear or mace

our wisdom soothes, it plants great seeds

for future actions, words and great deeds.

May a passion to grow to quietly live

a life to receive balanced with give

of word and deed rooted in love

near and far, below and above.

With these words, Spirit asks you now

to sow your thoughts with wise plow

to share your light, to feed a soul

wisdom and love from an endless bowl.

© souldancer

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