One Thought to “Release II”

  1. Liz Koffron-Eisen

    A friend of mine taught me a simple, valuable formula to focus on whenever I needed to let go of some infuriating or annoying problem:


    STOP – stop and observe my thoughts;
    BLESS – the person or situation involved;
    RELEASE – my need to control the situation or person.

    There were times when I said “STOP” outLOUD to myself – several times – to interrupt my thought processes…

    Bless – wasn’t too hard; but

    ah, the RELEASE – now, that was the challenge. The more practice I got, the faster I could release it… until I could TOTALLY release it.
    Finally realizing that what was being released was the psychological power/hold that person/situation still had over me – by virtue of my ruminations – made it easier.


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