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Jo-Ann Adam – Unity Church – Note

Aloha Jo-Ann,

Mahalo Bev for introducing me to Jo-Ann.  Most kind.  I bow in gratitude for your help.

Jo-Ann – Bev Smith kindly welcomed me into her Ohana over a year ago when I moved from the Big Island to Oahu.  We met when she spotted my Meet-Up posting announcing a guided meditation group. (Given my path as a social worker, monk and shaman I’ve an avid believer in meditation.) Since our first meeting we’ve shared many meals, treats (yes – even bananas), lively book discussions and extraordinary hugs!

This past week over lunch I mentioned to Bev how my University has launched a unique way to raise funds – ongoing – for both our project CareGiver LifeLine as well as any other organization in need of funds.  We combine a typical book club environment into an ongoing workshop events based on over a decades’ experience with our two most popular books.

Bev has read one of our books:  Pay Me What I’m Worth – a workbook focused on two objectives:

  1. re-awaken to a more robust sense of worth well beyond money.
  2. a more healthy balance between giving and receiving.

This book has reached over 275,000 class participants thus far.

Based on our first book’s success we published a second book titled:  Learn to Receive. LTR is identical to Pay Me What I’m Worth.  Exact same content, different title.  Based on 12 years feedback of PMWIW participants a common ‘theme’ to their feedback was how amazed they are at how unbalanced they were to receiving.  People react differently to titles.  The term pay me what I’m worth may be thought, mutter and said with a considerably different energy than the words learn to receive.

If you sense it’s appropriate I’d appreciate a few moments at your next fund raising meeting scheduled for this Thursday at 6 p.m.  to share more details.

If I am welcome, do know of anyone attending this meeting from the Makiki area?  I bus it.  A lift would be absolutely lovely.  You’re welcome to call / share my number 808-780-0819 any time.

Mahalo nui loa for your time  . . .