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Meet Jermaine Smith

Aloha!  JL here…

My training as a massage  and personal therapist spans 15 years as well as multiple locations to include the greater Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, O’hau and Chicago areas.

I work with people who live intense and demanding lifestyles. Together we co-create,  implement and monitor daily physical and emotional exercises necessary to gain and maintain a healthy balance between work and play.

My massage clients range from souls seeking a relaxing experience to those who prefer deep work.

My  personal (life style) training is available by both phone or video conferencing when you sense you’ll benefit from a lifestyle buddy. I’m here to review and address your needs to include nutrition, health, fitness (tennis, yoga, weight lifting etc.) sleep, sex, life, romance, abundance, prosperity and unconditional self-love.

My skills also include interior design as well as fitness competition training.

I have placed in fitness competitions (second image below). I’m on the road for a 2019 Las Vegas competition!

My ideal client?  You – when you’re ready to actively, progressively awaken and engage your fullest potential.  Click this link to email me.

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