Soul University Course Catalog

We know life is busy. We know budgets are tight!

We’re excited to offer you hundreds of on-demand, downloadable audio classes featuring:

  • short – under 10 minute classes geared to just listen to them – then ponder what you hear.
  • affordable – under $10.00. (think iTunes)
  • all .mp3 format – sync with your phone / player.  Listen any time.

When ready to dive deeper into course content – join us in regularly scheduled video / phone conference calls.

Adult abuse survivors release & renew series.

Meet three amazing women who survived physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Hear their stories. Learn how their journey with Pay Me What I’m Worth help them release pain and suffering at profound levels. > More . . .

Allowing Abundance Series

A robust 30 part series to guide you on how to allow more abundance based on releasing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks to receiving. > More . . .

Balance Giving & Receiving Series

This series is a primer for our Learn To Receive course!  More often than not we’re AMAZING givers. When it comes to receiving, well, that’s another story. Dive in and explore 38 difference aspects of a healthy balance between giving and receiving.  > More . . .

Dancing With Change

How do you feel about change? What can we do to embrace (dance) with change so that regardless how little or massive the changes are – we know we’ll be just fine? Prepare yourself for a 30 part series featuring six facets of change. > More . . .

Grow! Growing! Grown!

Picture life as a garden. What’s in your garden? What’s missing? What growing? What needs to be weeded out? Unhealthy habits?  Tired old routines? What needs more water (care)? Unconditional love? Compassion? Grace? Gratitude?  This 20 part series provides unique lessons to prepare, implement, savor and review healthy steps for a lifetime of growth. > More . . .

Learn To Receive

Over a lifetime our balance between giving and receiving changes. We’re born into a world of 100% receiving. Growing up we learn the art of giving. At some point the old cliché it is better to give than receive throws us out of balance.  > More . . .

Pay Me What I’m Worth

Are you paid what you’re worth? Yes? No? Where do you start to answer this question? How do you define worth? Money? Health? Love? Power? Property? Reputation? Respect? Time? Wisdom? > More . . .

Worth 31 Flavors

Are you feeling a bit worthless due to finances, age, ability or some other nasty issue like doubt, guilt, shame or worry? Radically FEED your sense of worth as we explore the 31 flavors we have in store for you. > More . . .

Future classes. . .

Dissolving Doubt, Guilt, Shame & Worry Guided Meditation Series

Imagine an hour, a day, week, month, year, decade (or more) free of feeling the stress created from doubt, guilt, shame or worry.  Join us in this 52 part series to release these unhealthy habits.

Habits • Routines & More – Oh My!

How do habits, routines, rituals n’ such start, live and die? Do customs and patterns help or hurt us in the short / long run? What happens when we wake-up to unhealthy traditions? Explore answers to these (and other) questions in this five-part series packed with 25 ah-ha inspiring classes.

Harvest Wisdom Series

When an apple ripens, it’s time to harvest and enjoy it, right? Similarly do you harvest ripened life lessons to enjoy the wisdom well earned? Or, do you seem to repeat lessons only to discover ‘you knew better.’ Experience this four-part series equipped with 26 tools to shake knowledge into wisdom.

Before class suggestions . . .

To get the most from each class we suggest…

  • turning OFF all devices that may interrupt you. (ALL phones, pages, TV’s, stereo, etc.)
  • adjusting lighting and air quality. (Too bright or dark? To stuffy, warm or cool?)
  • taking care of your comfort. (Bathroom stop? Fan? Blankets? Water?)
  • a pad and pen. Savor at least a half-hour to ponder then capture thoughts on what you read, view or heard.
  • allowing enough time post-class to relax, possibly even nap.