Dissolving Doubt, Guilt, Shame & Worry Series

Aloha and welcome!

Soul here – Soul University Founder and your guide for this unique class series.

How much doubt, guilt, shame and worry do you experience each day? I created this series to mark the beginning of the end of these unhealthy habits. Join us to take a journey to remember just how resilient, resourceful and resplendent we truly are at our core – soul level.

This series is based on:

  • four decades of spiritual practice. With 40 years of balancing my paths as spiritual student and teacher I earned a title of monk (in three orders) and shaman (in four native nations).
  • six years of academic studies resulting with a MSW (Masters in Social Work).
  • a decade of teaching folks how to remember their true worth.

Week by week – ah-ha by ah-ha – life becomes more joyful.

Class delivery / structure:

  1. Download a short (15-20 minutes) class each week.
  2. Experience a soothing guided meditation combined with a powerful class.
  3. Copy / sync .mp3 files to all your devices. Listen to this series any where, any time!
  4. Connect with your team members (via your private team conference call line) to talk about whatever needs to be talked about.

Before you listen to your short audio class . . .

  • prepare yourself and your space to relax!
    • turn off (versus silence) things that’ll distract you.
    • light a candle? Incense?
    • attend to body needs (what do you need to keep cool? Warm? Hydrated? Relieved?)
  • allow a little extra time before and after class to wind down and then wind back up!
  • start a new journal to capture what comes up for you . . .

Next steps:

1. Ponder the questions presented in the above video.

2. Click to download class list.

3. Decide if you’re ready to tackle head-on four life-draining (potentially lethal) habits.

4. Call Soul University at 312-268-0000 to leave a message with a date / time to complete your intake call.  During your intake call, in 30 minutes or less we’ll discover if you’re ready to join  a new or existing team.

Click links below to sample guided meditations / journeys.