Habits • Routines & More – Oh My!



Time to take a slow, kind, methodical exploration of habits.

Do you call habits by another term? Routines, rituals or traditions? No matter the word, how we do things on a regular basis plays a critical role on our ability to learn, grow and know ourselves with ease and grace.

Audit classes.

Audit (experience) these classes for free! (No email address / registration requested.)

Phase One: Inventory existing habits – the basics

Sight Inventory

Touch Inventory

Phase Two: Discovering Themes

Weekday Afternoon Inventory

Weekly Routines Inventory

Phase Three: Body, Mind, Spirit Routines

Emotional Habits

Financial Routines

Phase Four: Learning, Growing, Knowing Routines

Learning Routines

Receiving Wisdom Routines

Phase Five: Habit Summaries: integrating all observations from first four weeks

Overall Body Routines

Overall Mental / Emotional Habits

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