Gay Men Coming Out Teams

Navigate life with FAR LESS stress!

Soul Dancer (click for bio, credentials, etc.) has changed his  coming out groups

  • from local, in-person groups
  • to phone / internet based support teams.


This change increases convenience and access.   Benefits include:

  • no driving (forget traffic jams, parking hassles and fees)
  • meet other men from all over the world
  • form solid, caring friendships
  • small groups / more talk time
  • relax in comfort in your own space


Teams for adult men include:

  • Not out.  Want to come out.
  • Out personally (to a select few), not out professionally.
  • Seniors, not out. Want to come out.
    • Age? Do you identify as a senior?
    • Do you want team support from other self-identified seniors?


Traditional Team timeline, Week:

  1. Introductions and housekeeping (ground rules).
  2. What is your who Who are you coming out to?
  3. Explore what you understand about coming out (discover facts, dissolve fictions).
  4. What is your when? Create your personal coming out timeline.
  5. Where is it most / least important to come out?
  6. What is your why?  What motivates you to come out?
  7. How to handle less than positive responses to coming out.
  8. Frank talk about life-saving safe sex.
  9. Resource treasure hunt.  Explore a wide variety of in-person and online support systems.
  10. Celebrate!

Topics will change based on group needs.

Cost?  Sliding fee scale starts at $99.00 for all ten weeks.
When?  Weekly call day and time set by the first five registrations for each group.
To get started, call 312-268-0000 for a 15 minute intake interview. 
All communications treated as confidential and private.