Dinner? Cell Bill? Rent?

May we buy you dinner?

Maybe pay your monthly cellular bill for you?

Better yet! We’ll pay your rent!

How much you earn depends on how much you help Soul University (SU) sell printed copies of Pay Me What I’m Worth.

To inspire people to purchase copies (at a price point you set*) be sure to tell them about these perks:

  1. net profits from all book sales helps SU raise funds to launch a company to care for caregivers.
  2. all copies purchased from YOU automatically qualifies them for one year access to a members-only online classroom. Use the online classroom space to get even MORE life-changing ah-ha’s – when they read this workbook / do the exercises. This perk is worth $300.00 all by itself!
  3. Access to hundreds on on-demand downloadable class audio files.
  4. an invitation to attend at least one monthly conference call with YOU to talk about their journey.

* The price-point you set determines how much you earn.  Set the price to cover your $260.00 cost ($240.00 for 12 books @ $20.00 per book plus $20.00 for priority shipping).

  • To cover your cost charge $22.00 per book.
  • To earn enough funds to enjoy a delicious dinner charge $25.00 per copy ($36.00 should cover a reasonably nice dinner – yes?).
  • To cover your monthly cell bill – divide your cell bill by 12 then add the result to $22.00.  Example:  monthly cell bill = $125.00.  125 / 12 = $10.42.  Book cost (to include the perks noted above) = $33.00.
  • To cover your rent – well – now we’re talking about buying more than 12 books -right?  Let’s say your rent = $1200.00 a month.  Buy 48 books ($780.00).  Sell each book at $43.00 (remember – folks get some amazing perks here!!).  Rent is paid!

To get started purchase 12 books at $260.00.  How?  Use Google Pay – a no-fee way to pay.

  1. Visit https://pay.google.com/ to set up your Google Pay account.
  2. Enter  into send money to field
  3. Enter 12 books please along with your name and mailing address in the memo field.
  4. Click the send button.

When your funds clear we’ll ship books to you via priority mail (2-3 business days).

Thank you for helping SU raise funds to care for caregivers – as well as – raise funds for YOU TOO!