SU @ Honolulu Pride 2018 – Organizing Hub

Aloha SU Pride CREW!

Mahalo nui loa for lending a hand in helping SU experience it’s FIRST Honolulu Pride Booth!  As we start an annual tradition kindly bookmark and revisit this page often.   Help us organize and harmonize to co-create a FANTASTICALLY FUN event / booth.

From Pride organizers here’s the basics for Saturday, October 20th.

The festival will be held on Saturday, October 20th, 11 am to 6 pm in the Diamond Heads Greens area of the Waikiki Shell at Kapiolani Park. Here are a few important times to remember on the day of the festival:
7:00 am- Doors open
10:30 am- Move-in must be completed (vehicle access closes at 10:45 am)
11:00 am- Festival opens, set-up must be completed
6:00 pm- Clean-up/breakdown begins
7:00 pm- Clean-up must be completed

With these times in mind we’ll gather in two stages / two teams.

 Set-up Team:  9 a.m. arrival at Service Lot to drive into Diamond Heads Greens –  Jewels, Dennis, Jerry, Soul

SU CREW: 10: a.m. arrival at Pride booth – (enter in through Main gate – find us in Zone 1):  Alivia,  Jennifer,  Shelly,  Faythe,  Mike and Roland

SU Crew – if you’re open to helping us set-up – the more the merrier. We have a very simple set-up.  The quicker we set-up the more time we have to perfect our game plans.

Click this link to download a copy of the Park Map to find SU’s booth location.

After set-up we’ll:

  • role-play to warm-up how we’ll play with Pride folks.
  • work out the technical details on our respective phones to ensure swiping payments is easy (we have three “Square” payment devices for smart phones). Watch for a Square.Com email / invitation.  Kindly complete the steps to register with Square before 10/20.
  • have time to rest before a busy day….

Our two main goals for Pride are:

  1. Have FUN
  2. Raise FUNDS



Goal 1:  for some of our fun let’s engage folks in no-fluff GAMES! <-click link to see games banner!

As we chat people up, let them know how Soul University is geared for substance over fluff.  Our games provide first-hand hearty experiences on what happens in class. Pride theme: The magic happens when we help you move OUT of your comfort zone.  (See SU Banner.) As you approach people, be creative with statements that fit your style.

We’ll have PLENTY (300) 36″x36″ sheets of paper with 100 Crayola markers (rainbow of colors to choose from)  for folks to brainstorm and mind-map the following games:

  • Who’s on your Chaos Committee?
  • pointing to the games banner  – ask “which word has the most power over you?”
  • ask people to explore what the word worth means to them (mind-map it out using other words like family, friends, money, etc.)
  • ask people, “If you were paid what you’re worth, what would that look like?”  Draw a map of what that looks like.
  • ask people, “what does the word pay mean to you?”  After they draw a couple circles suggest forms of payment such as respect, reputation, attention, (etc.). Then map out who pays them!
  • any other question you think is interesting to ask / explore.

Start folks out on their exercise.  Note their ‘start / stop time’ at the top of their paper.   Tell them you’ll be back in a few to check in on them.  Let them know this game should be at most five minutes – a beginning for more exploring at home or IN CLASS (hand them a printed newsletter that includes $199 details).  Be clear that after 5 minutes they’re welcome to stay as long as they want – at $1.00 per minute!  Why?  Simple!  We’ll need the table space.  

Yes – this will be a fast-paced interactive space.  Feel free to take breaks as you need them to stay fresh.    Speaking of staying fresh – we’ll have . . .

  • 15 gallons of filtered water.  Bring your water bottle.  (Keep your water-bottle at our booth to comply with Event rules.)
  • bags of apples n’ oranges and bananas.
  • Jewel’s has offered to provide some simple Safeway sandwiches for lunch.  Email us what kind of sandwich you’d like – OR bring something for lunch.


These numbers reflect a team effort.  At the end of this event we’ll tally-up the total number of $199.00 registrations.  Total registrations divided by total marketing team members.  Example:  100 total registrations = $699.31 per person (based on eight SU Crew Members).

Break-even point:  16 registrations (will cover all pride costs).  

  • 25 registrations:  $74.33
  • 50 – $282.66
  • 75 – $490.98
  • 100 – $699.31
  • 125 – $907.64
  • 150 – $1,115.97
  • 175 – $1,324.30
  • 200 – $1,532.63

With nine people assisting a capacity of 72 people per hour (for 6.5 hours) 100 registrations is an attainable goal.  200 registrations = less than 7% of anticipated Event participants.

From a capacity perspective our booth accommodates 6 people (two people per table = three tables).  Each person has 5 minutes of no-cost table time.  If they want to keep going after their first five minutes remind them they need to chip in $1.00 for every extra minute. Again – we need the table space.  Gently remind them this game starts at Pride and continues on at home – for as long as they wish!

When their five-minutes is up, we’ll fold their results into a nifty little hand-bag complete with handles no less!  (Folding and handle-making takes another three minutes.  During the hand-bag crafting – remind folks they carry their topic (the word they focused on – chaos, doubt, guilt, shame or worry) with them every waking minute.  Inspire them to register for the $199.00 special to continue to dissolve that / those unhealthy habits!

(We’ll role-play both the folding and marketing approaches post set-up / pre-gate opening.)


Oh!  Yes!  Book Sales!!

Cost per book:  $41.67. ($40.00 plus HI GET tax)

Cost includes:

  1. One (instant) e-copy and one printed copy of Pay Me What I’m Worth.
  2. Sales tax.
  3. Independent Instruction Guide
  4. Access to virtual classroom (interact with other participants)
  5. Access to recorded classes aired via Soul University’s radio station: Pay Radio

Our decision to host a booth at Pride is based on completing a past-due goal.  Goal: to liquidate approximately 160 printed copies of Pay Me What I’m Worth.  (Actual number of copies is based on unsold books as of 10/20/18.)   Our book sales goal has three stages:

Stage One:  sell (approximately 35) unsold copies.  All sale proceeds credited to Soul University.

Stage Two: sell half (60) inventoried copies. Copies in inventory are books purchased by current SU students who plan to teach PMWIW.  Sale proceeds divided by three.  Proceeds used to refund / buy-back 10 books each ($20.00 per book) from PMWIW students as well as pay for USPS flat-rate shipping costs.

Stage Three:  sell all (approximately 50) remaining inventoried copies.  Sale proceeds equally shared by three current PMWIW students to liquidate their respective book inventories.

Book sales include providing ONE book to each person who purchases our $199.00 program.  Soul University will buy-back inventoried copies as needed to fulfill $199 package purchase.

Book sale(s) talking points:

  • all books signed by author (limited signed copies available)
  • Soul (author) will pen a personal greeting for each book for folks purchasing three or more books.
  • some books contain a hand-written message by Soul on the last page of the book.  First-come first serve on books containing special hand-written messages.
  • each book comes with a GIFT! ongoing access to SU’s Pay Me What I’m Worth (PMWIW) online classroom. (Online Class page password = class.) 

  • purchases of 10 (or more) books by one person wins an event with Soul.
    • Local residents may host an event where Soul will personally lead an in-home lively mini-workshop (a $1200.00 value).    Organizers may offer this event to off-island guests via Soul’s video-conference call tools.
    • Off-island supporters may organize a two-hour virtual video conference-call based event.  Soul will lead this two hour event where folks will experience small-group discussions (via his video conference service break-out feature).
  • Use event as a fund raiser or organization member perk.  Organizer keeps all raised funds.
  • purchases of 20 (or more) books by one person wins TWO events with Soul.  Same benefits noted above – times two!

Feel free to offer this Pride book special to anyone – any time before Pride. Point them to this link – we’ll do the rest!

Click to read Pride Newsletter (Pride Handout).

Click me for details…