30 Minutes of Soul Time


Our 30 minutes with fly by.  Before we meet I suggest you . . .

  1. schedule some quiet time (at least 15 minutes) BEFORE we meet.
  2. turn OFF call-waiting.
  3. find a quiet space.
  4. be prepared to dive deep – fast.
  5. have something ready to take notes.
  6. ask to record our session (for future reference).  I permanently delete recordings upon confirmation of you receiving (and opening) your recording.

I look forward to a powerful 30 minute session with you. Plan on at least six-months to fully unpack and engage what we discover.




Thanks to technology we will meet face to face to experience a lively 30 minutes of confidential, deep-dive support. Which free application do you prefer?  Skype?  Zoom?  Facetime?  Or shall we keep things simple by connecting over the phone?

Rates?  My rates are based on my qualifications to include:

  • Masters in Social Work
  • monk status us three eastern orders
  • shaman status in four North American nations
  • published author
  • international teacher on the art of balance between giving and receiving.

I look forward to meeting you to provide the support you seek to tap into and fully engage your potential.


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