Soul University Worth 31 Flavors (Worth 101) Series Overview

Before you dive into the deep end (to take our time-tested graduate-level Pay Me What I’m Worth masters class lasting at least one year) we suggest you take our Worth 101 course. We call our 101 course Worth 31 Flavors!

We divided this course into eight sections.  Each section focuses on a unique aspect of worth.


Get ready to savor a more robust sense of worth week after (31) weeks!

Our class series (listed below) explores and expands your sense of worth well beyond finances! Results? Too many to list here. One definite result (based on a decade of feedback) is increased confidence – personally and professionally.

Simply download a class (an actual class professionally edited to capture class highlights).

  • No prep needed.
  • Check out Soul’s uncanny knack of asking questions to jump-start some deep thinking.  
  • After class dive as deep as you dare into the class content.

Worth flavors menu. Hungry? Fill your plate (cart)…


Prepare to feel a more robust sense of worth week after week!


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