Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 2/8: Emotional Worth Overview

Emotions flavor our sense of worth in profound ways.  In section two we explore four fluid traits heavily influenced by all the other topics in this eight-part series

  1. Level of clarity
  2. Sense of safety
  3. Sense of purpose
  4. Sense of well being

More details below.


Our next four lessons to deep-dive into our sense of worth (well beyond the material world) focuses on what’s whirling around between our ears – our emotions!

Lesson 1: sense of clarity. How will our level / sense of clarity help or hurt our sense of worth? Explore this question along with six classmates in this pre-recorded class.  Class time: 22 minutes.

Lesson 2: sense of safety. In what ways does our sense of safety support or subtract from our overall sense of worth? Explore these (and many other) questions along with six classmates to discover how our sense of safety impacts our sense of worth. Class time: 28 minutes.

Lesson 3: sense of purpose.  Time to explore how the ancient question “why am I here” plays an key role for our sense of worth.  Dive deep with six diverse classmates in this pre-recorded lesson. Class time: 32 minutes.

Lesson 4: sense of well-being.  How does our sense of well-being add or subtract from our sense of worth?  When we feel ill do we fell worth – less? Join six classmates in the pre-recorded lesson to explore how our core sense of well being dramatically shapes our sense of worth. Class time: 31 minutes.



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