Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 3/8: Spiritual Worth Overview

A spiritual sense of worth is our third focus in our Worth 31 Flavors series.  How we feel about ourselves when it comes to what we believe to be Divine shows up when we experience:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Integrity
  3. Unconditional Love
  4. Connection

More details below.


Our next four lessons to expand our sense of worth (well beyond money, stuff or age) explores our spiritual beliefs in four forms. Gratitude, integrity, unconditional love and sense of connection with what you consider to be Divine factors heavily in our sense of overall worth.

Lesson 1: sense of gratitude.  Join Soul along with four classmates in this pre-recorded class (includes a short three minute lecture along with a lively 29 minute class discussion). Time to explore ideas on how genuine gratitude rapidly, dramatically increases one’s sense of worth. Class time: 32 minutes.

Lesson 2: sense of integrity. What is integrity?  How do you raise or lower your integrity? How do your levels of integrity relate to your sense of worth?  Join Soul along with six other classmates in this pre-recorded class.  First a lecture (approximately three minutes.) to define what integrity is. Next a hearty deep-dive into these (and other) questions.  Class time: 41 minutes.

Lesson 3: sense of unconditional love. When we reflect on our capacity to give and receive unconditional love we discover how we add or subtract from our overall sense of worth.  How does conditional love subtract from our sense of worth? What does unconditional love do for our overall sense of worth?  Explore answers to these (and other) questions along with five other classmates in this pre-recorded class. Class time: 23 minutes.

Lesson 4: sense of Divine connection. How does your sense of a connection to what you consider Divine affect your sense of worth.  The lecture invites you to ponder what your faith or belief system does for you?  How does your ego play with your faith thus influence your sense of worth? Experience a lively discussion just after a short (two-minute) lecture with six classmates in the pre-recorded class. Class time: 44 minutes.



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