Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series 10/31: Integrity


Exploring Worth Series: part 10 of 31
Primary Category: Spiritual Worth
Sub-Topic: Integrity.

What is integrity?  How do you raise or lower your integrity? How do your levels of integrity relate to your sense of worth?  Join Soul along with six other classmates in this pre-recorded class.  First a lecture (approximately three minutes.) to define what integrity is. Next a hearty deep-dive into these (and other) questions.

Class time: 41 minutes

As you listen to this class capture your thoughts and questions.  (Start a Worth Journal?) Post your your thoughts and questions in the Review section (link below).

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Upon purchase confirmation you’ll see links to download the following three files* . . .

  1. Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series 10/31: Integrity class .mp3 file. (An actual class professionally edited to capture class highlights.)
  2. Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series 10/31: Integrity Program Guide & Video Links (access to a .pdf document containing links to class participants as well as a private Youtube link).
  3. Soul University Class Instructions (suggestions on how best to get the most out of this class).

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  • No prep needed. Listen / take notes.
  • Check out Soul’s uncanny knack of asking questions to jump-start some deep thinking.  
  • After class dive as deep as you dare into the class content.

More information on the entire Worth 31 Flavors series?  Click here. . .

Class Instructions


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