Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 4/8: Financial Worth Overview

Is our financial worth a true reflection of our overall worth? Do we feel less worthy when we’re broke?  How does our stuff (property) reflect (thus affect) our sense of worth? In this fourth section of our Worth 31 Flavors Series we shake-up what we think we know about:

  1. Money
  2. Property
  3. Investments
  4. Philanthropy

More details below.


Our sense of worth is commonly linked to numbers and papers (bank or investment accounts, properties, etc.).   Our financial worth section dives deeper into topics we often think we know rather well.  These four lessons help us put finances into perspective when it comes to understanding what we’re really worth (well beyond numbers, papers and stuff).

Lesson 1: Money.  When asked what are you worth we often quickly reference numbers (money). Money is FRACTION of our overall worth.  How so?  Join five other classmates in this pre-recorded lesson to discover how money (no matter how much or how little) is NOT the ONLY way to define a sense of worth.  Class time: 32 minutes.

Lesson 2: Property. In what ways does our stuff (our property) reflect our sense of worth? Do we judge people more / less successful based on more / less material possessions? Join six classmates as they deep-dive into discussions on how property shapes our overall sense of worth. Class time: 40 minutes.

Lesson 3: Investments.  True or false: financial investments represent a small fraction of your overall worth. True? Really? Seriously! Take this class to learn how a more correct answer to this question is FALSE!  Join four classmates in this thought-provoking pre-recorded class to examine what investments do to your overall sense of worth. Class time: 53 minutes.

Lesson 4: Philanthropy. This four minute lecture helps you explore this question: How do philanthropic actions affect your overall sense of worth? Download this lecture to discover some answers. (Click this link to receive one email notification when SU publishes the full-length pre-recorded class with both this lecture and a robust discussion with 4-6 classmates.)



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