Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 5/8: Social Worth Overview

Society shapes our sense of worth in countless complex ways. How much you allow your sense of worth to be influenced by how people perceive who you are depends on your . . .

Social Worth

  1. Respect
  2. Reputation
  3. Family
  4. Friends

More details below.


How you perceive yourself within society determines how society sees you (judges your worth).  How society judges your worth ricochets off family and friends to form or shatter foundations of respect and reputation. Section five of our Worth 31 Flavors series invites you to take a close look at your:

Lesson 1: Respect.  How you respect others as well as how others respect you shapes how you think and feel about yourself (your sense of worth). While listening to our four minute lecture ponder the questions presented in class.  Post lecture take a few minutes to capture your thoughts and feelings.

Lesson 2: Reputation. In three minutes our short lecture explores many questions concerning your reputation.  First question:  How does your reputation help or hurt your overall sense of worth. Download this lecture to learn more about the relationship between your reputation (real or perceived) and how you feel about yourself (your sense of worth).

Lesson 3: Family. To prepare for this short five minute lecture ponder two questions. 1) What is your relationship between your social sense of family and your personal sense of worth? 2) Do family members add or subtract from your overall sense of worth?

Lesson 4: Friends. A four minute class to explore how social friendships help or hurt you personal sense of worth. Take note of the questions asked in this class. Invite friends into a hearty discussion on these questions. How do you feel about your friends after this class?

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