Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 6/8: Professional Worth Overview

Our professional lives shape our sense of worth in infinite ways. How others view our worth based on the (job) title we own adds or subtracts from our real (or perceived) worth based on four socially recognized aspects of professional life.

Professional Worth

  1. Network
  2. Longevity
  3. Power
  4. Time

More details below.


Your job, calling, profession, avocation or lack of same in most social settings boosts or busts they way you feel about yourself (your sense of overall worth).  Given most professional roles include payment(s) of some kind those payments – money once again factors into what we think we’re worth – true?  Section six of our Worth 31 Flavors series examines four key aspects to professional worth:

Lesson 1: Network. In the next five minutes discover how professional networks affect your sense worth in many ways!

Lesson 2: Longevity. Over the next four minutes this short lecture invites you to ponder the concept of longevity from two different perspectives.  How do these perspectives affect your sense of professional worth?

Lesson 3: Power. To prepare for this five minute lecture ponder these questions: 1) When you reflect on your overall sense of worth, how does your professional power factor into the big picture? 2) Professional power – what is that?

Lesson 4: Time. Before you invest in this four minute class spend a few days pondering these questions: 1) How do you spend your professional capital in the form of time? 2) When does time become a factor in your overall sense of worth?

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