Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 7/8: Cultural Worth Overview

The culture in which we’re born into (or adopt) shapes our sense of worth (how you feel about yourself) at profound (core) levels.  Cultural worth is different than social worth such that societies blend cultural events (rituals, traditions, etc.) into social norms. Example:  do you or your city celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  Cultures base their  identity, their uniqueness in  their:

Cultural Worth

  1. Ethics
  2. History
  3. Morals
  4. Wisdom

More details below.


Section seven (of eight) in our Worth 31 Flavors series goes deep!  Join us to gain more clarity (thus understanding) of four facets that make each culture unique.  Born into a culture we absorb (learn) how to be (live) based on cultural norms deeply rooted in traditions.  Cultural worth forms our sense of identity before we’re aware of our identity.  How we form our sense of who and what we are is based on four culturally crafted, socially supported concepts listed below.

BEFORE purchasing these short five minute lectures take time to think about our prep questions.  (Yes!  Free lessons just by thinking about these questions no less!)

Lesson 1: Ethics. Class prep questions. 1) What cultural ways of living shape your ethics? 2) How do ethics craft your overall sense of worth?

Lesson 2: History. Class prep questions. 1) How does your cultural history shape your overall sense of worth? 2) Do you have strong feelings or beliefs rooted in the culture into which you came from?  If yes – what are those feelings and beliefs.  If no – how so?

Lesson 3: Morals. Class prep questions: 1) Do morals factor into your overall sense of worth? 2) How do cultural morals evolve over time?

Lesson 4: Wisdom. Class prep questions:  1) What’s your definition (understanding) of wisdom?  2) How is wisdom made? 3) How do you define culture?  What makes up a culture?

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