Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series 26/31: History


Exploring Worth Series: part 26 of 31
Primary Category: Cultural Worth
Sub-Topic: History

To inspire more ah-ah’s from this five minute class think about these questions before purchasing this lecture:

  1. How does your cultural history shape your overall sense of worth?
  2. Do you have strong feelings or beliefs rooted in the culture into which you came from?  If yes – what are those feelings and beliefs.  If no – how so?

As you listen to this class capture your thoughts and questions.  (Start a Worth Journal?) Post your your thoughts and questions in the Review section (link below).

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  • No prep needed. Listen / take notes.
  • Check out Soul’s uncanny knack of asking questions to jump-start some deep thinking.  
  • After class dive as deep as you dare into the class content.

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Class Instructions


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