Soul University Worth 31 Flavors Series Section 8/8: Geographical Worth Overview

Our natal longitude and latitude (our birth place) initially influences how we think and feel about ourselves.  As we move about (or remain rooted) we experience substantial shifts in our sense of worth based on access to (or lack of) natural and educational resources.  We wrap-up our Worth 31 Flavors journey by touring our:

Geographical Worth

  1. Location
  2. Natural Resources
  3. Educational Systems

More details below.


Our final section in our Worth 31 Flavors series helps us resurface from the deep diving we’ve done over the past seven sections.   As we wrap up our adventure we pragmatically explore three physical aspects of our material world – aspects that shape both how we think and feel about ourselves – our sense of worth. Our sense of worth starts with where we’re born – location.  Each location offers a unique set of natural resources.  How do resources (both access to or lack of) impact the way we feel about ourselves, our lives, each other?  As we use available resources (or learn how to compensate for missing resources) we learn and grow.  How we learn and grow is often shaped by the kinds of educational systems available to us.   Prepare yourself to explore your geographical worth with:

Lesson 1: Location. Where you live, work and play – how do these locations factor into how you feel about yourself (your overall sense of worth)?  Think about this question before joining four additional classmates in this pre-recorded lively lecture / discussion. Class time: 37 minutes.

Lesson 2: Natural Resources. Before downloading this class explore this question: What role do natural resources (that you live near or travel to) play in your overall sense of worth? Take a week or two to dust off and flip through scrapbooks, photo albums and possible journals to refresh your memory on the kinds of natural resources you’ve come to cherish (or avoid).   When ready listen in along with four classmates as we examine how natural resources play a vital role in how we think and feel about ourselves (our sense of worth). Class time: 27 minutes.

Lesson 3: Educational Systems. To prepare for this five minute class think about this question: How does the location of your school or training program shape your overall sense of worth? (Did / does your school location affect how you (or others) feel about yourself?)

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