1 hour of Soul Time


You’ll be amazed hour quickly one hour flies by (we dive deep – FAST).  Before we meet I suggest you . . .

  1. schedule some quiet time (at least 15 minutes) BEFORE we meet.
  2. turn OFF call-waiting.
  3. find a quiet space.
  4. be prepared to dive deep – fast.
  5. have something ready to take notes.
  6. ask to record our session (for future reference).  I permanently delete recordings upon confirmation of you receiving (and opening) your recording.

I look forward to our hour.  Plan on at least a year to digest, plan and engage the ah-ha’s that grow from our connection.


More details below.


Thanks to technology we will meet face to face to experience a lively hour of confidential, deep-dive support. Which free application do you prefer?  Skype?  Zoom?  Facetime?  Or shall we keep things simple?  A phone call?

Rates?  My rates are based on my qualifications to include:

  • Masters in Social Work
  • monk status us three eastern orders
  • shaman status in four North American nations
  • published author
  • international teacher on the art of balance between giving and receiving.

I look forward to meeting you to provide the support you seek to tap into and fully engage your potential.