Balance Giving & Receiving Series Overview

A robust 38 week series to rediscover a more healthy balance between receiving and giving.

Complete this four-part series containing 38 unique classes to reduce stress and experience more happiness, daily!

    1. We start our journey by exploring ways to release / cleanse unhealthy habits. (8 classes)
    2. With a more clean and clear body, mind and spirit, time to buff-up our learning skills. (10 classes)
    3. With refreshed ways to learn, we tune-up our receiving skills. (10 classes)
    4. We conclude our balance upgrades by exploring the art of giving. (10 classes)

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Give and receive with far less (or no) doubt, guilt, shame or worry!

In this four-part series (38 total classes) we dive deep into the art of balance between giving and receiving. More often than not we’re AMAZING givers. When it comes to receiving, well, most folks struggle with receiving. How will each week be different when you know how to receive more with no worries, shame, guilt or doubt?

  • Less stress?
  • More happiness?

First – taste-test a few classes. Audit (experience) these classes for free! (No email address / registration requested.)

Body / Mind Cleansing

  1. Class 1 of 8
  2. Class 2 of 8

Balanced Learning 

  1. Learning Through Smell Part 1 of 2
  2. Learning Through Taste Part 1 of 2

Balanced Receiving 

  1. Guided Visualization
  2. Mindmapping Receiving Blocks

Series Recap

Step 1: Body ~ Mind Cleansing Overview

The first of four parts of our Balance Giving & Receiving series focuses on powerful steps to clear blocks to both giving and receiving.  Cleansing is something we do every minute (by breathing) and hopefully every hour (by drinking water). With a solid body / mind Spring-cleaning completed we set the stage to expand our capacity to gain and maintain a more healthy balance between giving and receiving.


Step 2: Balanced Learning Overview

Our five senses influences our ability to learn as subtle levels. These subtle levels of influence are often disused as habits, routines and personal preferences. Join us to open up your ability to observe how you learn based on what your eyes, ears, mouth and skin report back to you!


Step 3:  Balanced Receiving Overview

Do you have a notion in mind that acts of receiving are – in some way, shape or form – acts of weakness? Historically when are you more open to receiving with little or no doubt, guilt, shame or worry (aspects of fear)? What makes it easier for you to receive? We’ll explore these (and more) questions in this series.Ten ah-ha inspiring classes designed to create and maintain healthier, balanced ways of receiving.


Step 4: Balanced Giving Overview

What beliefs, routines, habits, ideas need review and updates to gain and maintain more healthy ways of giving.  Explore this ten-part series to experience the art of balanced giving.



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