Balance Giving & Receiving Series Overview

A robust 38 week series to rediscover a more healthy balance between receiving and giving.


Give and receive with far less (or no) doubt, guilt, shame or worry!

In this 38 week series we dive deep into the art of balance between giving and receiving. More often than not we’re AMAZING givers. When it comes to receiving, well, most folks struggle with receiving. How will each week be different when you know how to receive more with no worries, shame, guilt or doubt?

  • Less stress?
  • More happiness?

Complete this four-part series containing 38 unique classes to reduce stress and experience more happiness, daily!

    1. We start our journey by exploring ways to release / cleanse unhealthy habits. (8 classes)
    2. With a more clean and clear body, mind and spirit, time to buff-up our learning skills. (10 classes)
    3. With refreshed ways to learn, we tune-up our receiving skills. (10 classes)<
    4. We conclude our balance upgrades by exploring the art of giving. (10 classes)<


Audit (experience) these classes for free! (No email address / registration requested.)

Class segments recap! Enjoy . . .


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